Monday, October 20, 2008

It has Started

My husband just starting talking trash. He is counting down the days (6 days and counting) until his unranked team plays my #2 ranked team. For some insane, unbelieveable reason, he thinks that Tennessee will wipe the field up with Alabama.

And so it begins.

It should be a fun week around here.


Go Vols, Beat Bama said...

Stranger things have happened. AS you can read in many places- rank doesn't matter when Tennessee and Alabama are playing.

And, thank you for not typing what I REALLY said as this blog is rated "E" for Everyone.

Anonymous said...

Bring it on, Sethie!!!! The Tide can take it this year :)

I'll be praying for you this week, Jane Anne!!

Roll Tide Roll....


leigh ann said...

Seth, you know I love you... and I love Tennessee. But you've got to stop smoking crack.