Friday, April 18, 2008

A Wonderful Week

Where O' Where did my week go?? I cannot believe that Friday is already coming to an end. I had a great week. I was thankful for so many things. It is hard for me to think about the week because it went by so quickly. I was touched by a couple of emails I received by friends saying they missed my Thanks Tank. My Thursday was the busiest day of the week. I had a lunch appt, guests arrive in the afternoon, swimming lessons, and a evening soccer game. At the end of the day I had just enough energy for about 20 minutes of something. Instead of blogging, I chose to talk my hubby.

If I had written about what I was thankful for, my thankful list would have included things like:
1. My crockpot. This was especially useful on Thursday. (I had that wonderful Cranberry Chicken recipe that I posted months ago.)
2. Sinus medicine. Man, I had a sinus headache off and on for about 2 days this week. The sinus medicine was the only thing that kept me going.
3. Soccer. I love the sport of soccer. It is such a wonderful sport for kids, too. Everyone can participate. I love watching Jonathan play soccer. The boy loves it and plays hard.
4. Visiting Parents. My parents arrived on Thursday for a visit. It is so special to have them come out and spend time with us. I am very thankful that they can travel to come see us.
5. My Haircut. I got a haircut last Friday and I LIKED it. Every woman understands how huge this is. Granted, since moving in August I have only had my hair cut twice before this week. I wasn't too excited either time. This time I was happy with the haircut and really enjoyed talking to the lady that cut it.
6. Drive-thru coffee. This is sort of a confession. I didn't think I would admit this publicly (my husband will be so proud). I tried a local coffee drive-thru (not Starbucks because there isn't one here) and I liked it. I liked it a lot, actually. I am pretty thankful for my good drive-thru coffee experience.
7. Hospitality. As I was getting ready for my parents visit, I had a change of heart of sorts. I realized or recognized that my focus was off. We had so many things that we wanted to get done around our house that my husband suggested I make a priority to do list. When I did that, I put Hospitality at the top of my list. That changed my perspective entirely. For a change, I felt like I was totally focused on my guests and being ready for them. I am thankful for my heart tuning into what hospitality is all about.

Alright, if I don't stop here I might not get my Friday Photos posted before Friday is over!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week.


Carmom said...

Thanks for the late Thanks Tank. I too missed reading yours. You had a wonderful list this week. I wish my family could visit more often. It's great that yours were able to visit.

Pam said...

Great Thanks Tank. I missed it too. Have a wonderful visit with your folks, Jane Anne!

Kimberly said...

I also missed reading your Thanks Tank. I just love reading what other people are thankful for.
I can't wait to see your new haircut. Post a picture, k? I was looking through some old photos from Thanksgiving of 2006. Your hair was darling!
So Dutch Bros. isn't half bad, huh? Can't wait to try it out!
Enjoy the time with your parents and celebrating the boys birthdays!