Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank #34

Its Thursday night already and I cannot believe it. I think I have finally finished unpacking from our Easter/Spring Break trip to WA. I emptied my suitcase today. What a relief to be done with the unpacking and laundry. Last Thursday seems like a lifetime away now. I wish that wasn’t true because I had so much fun visiting our friends in WA. Anyway, I am really thankful for my visit to WA… so let me start my Thanks Tank list with that.

I am thankful for these things (and many more):
1. Our trip to WA: It was refreshing! I laughed hard. I relaxed. I managed some girl time. I played the Wii. I had Starbucks coffee often. It was wonderful!
2. Spring weather: It has been so nice yesterday and today. The temp even got to the mid 60s! I enjoyed last week’s WA Spring snow but I am even more thankful for Spring Sun.
3. Forgiveness: I am thankful for forgiveness. It is humbling to need to be forgiven. In a real way, I found that asking for forgiveness and getting forgiven is very uplifting.
4. Compliments: Getting a sincere compliment is so wonderful! Tonight (without prompting) my oldest child complimented my dinner. It was quite an outstanding compliment (and if you know him, the quote says it all). He said, “Momma, thank you for dinner. This meal is better than video games.”
5. Family Dinners: Our dinner times are not quiet. Our kids all talk at once and they get frustrated when we have trouble listening to them all at the same time. It is difficult for my hubby and I to get in any meaningful converstaion. Still, there is something that I love about sitting around our table together. I guess that’s it- I love the togetherness of our family dinners.
6. This Week’s Wednesday Words comments: Thanks to you, Carmen and Kim- I really appreciated what both of you had to say. I needed your words.
7. My baby girl: Honestly, I am thankful for ALL of my children. However, I am really enjoying having a baby in the house and I often look at her with amazement. There were so many different stressors I had with each of my other children (1st child-new parent, 2nd child-born premature and needed physical therapy, 3rd child- born 6 months before hubby deployed to Iraq). I don’t feel stressed with Elsie and it is just such a blessing!

This list is shorter than I want it to be but I promised myself I would get to bed before 11 p.m. tonight (we are out of coffee!). So, I have shared what I am thankful for… what about you?


Kimberly said...

Apparently I need to take some cooking lessons from you. Maybe we could squeeze that in on our next visit! ;)

Jane Anne said...

No cooking lessons are necessary. My kids just need to be a little less picky when they are trying something different.

Jessica said...

I agree, I need some cooking lessons too! I look forward to reading these Jane Anne! I wish we knew each other better, although I feel like I know you through your blog!

Kimberly said...

No really I would like some cooking lessons. I feel like I'm at a loss each evening when it comes time to make dinner. I don't ever know what to make and I feel like we keep eating the same thing over and over. And even when I make something to eat that my girls like - I never get any compliments!
So I do really think that lessons are just what the doctor ordered!

Fields Favorites said...

Jane Anne, I don't always comment on your thanks tank, but I read it and love it. You encourage me to be thankful for things in my life too. My big question this time, however, is WHAT was the meal that is better than video games?!!! : )

leigh ann said...

I am thankful for you, JA. I'm thankful for the Internet, which allows us to still be a part of each other's lives, though we live thousands of miles apart. I'm thankful that you continue to be an inspiration and encouragement to me after all of these years. And I'm thankful for a God who is so real to us both. Without Him, where would we be?

Love you much, friend!

Jane Anne said...

The meal that was better than video games was Spaghetti! I do use a family recipe for homemade sauce but it is pretty simple. It is one of the few meals that ALL of the boys like.