Sunday, April 20, 2008

That's Nuts!

Apparently an 8th grader in KY thought it would be a funny prank to plant some peanut butter crumbs in a classmate's lunch box. The problem is that the classmate had a severe (and well known) peanut allergy. The 8th grader now faces felony charges. Thankfully the allergic student was okay.
Here's a link to the story: 8th Grader Plants Nuts
I can only imagine how the parents of this allergic child feel. I am not sure how I would handle something like that. Its just proof, I suppose, that we may do everything we can to protect our kids but some things are beyond our control. The best protection is still covering our kids in prayer. I am going to start praying for David's safe school experience now--before he starts school.


Kimberly said...

I can't even believe what goes thru the minds of some kids these days! It's horrifying!
A couple weeks ago there was a 3rd grade CLASSROOM of kids, from back East, that had very detailed plans to stab/kill their teacher! What is this world coming too?

Jessica said...

That's so awful, I can't believe a kid did that. I just sent a silent prayer for him..