Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank #36

Wow- I hit the floor running last Thursday and I really haven't stopped since. It has been a fun, fun week of cake and ice cream and cup cakes and more cup cakes and...well, I have one more cake to bake tomorrow! We have been busy celebrating this week. If I hurry, I might get this posted before midnight. I am not really sure why I am up this late...except that I needed to make a meal for a friend and I knew it would be really hard to find the time tomorrow. I think I will stop rambling and get on with my list. Here are some ways that my Thanks Tank has been filled lately.

1. Honesty: I had an opportunity today to be honest with myself and I took it. It came in the form of being able to recognize that I was signing up for too much responsibility. I was honest enough to admit that 'no, I couldn't take on that one more task.' That honesty was refreshing. I found out that my stress over the decision was unneccessary.
2. Birthday Celebrations: I have had fun celebrating birthdays this week. Both my oldest and my youngest boys had birthdays. I love seeing them bask in birthday attention. I also love decorating the night before the birthdays with my husband.
3. Good Doctors: David had an allergy/asthma doctor appointment today. I am thankful for the doctor we have. We are all set up for "grass season" now.
4. Noise: My house is about the loudest house you will ever spend time in. It has been a little bit much for my parents (I think). And yet, I am thankful for the kid noise. It isn't refreshing. It isn't relaxing. It is vibrant, bold, and exciting. I am thankful for the noise of my kids.
5. My parents: It is wonderful to have them visiting with us. I am so thankful for their time. It is fun to laugh with my parents, to hear their opinions, and to watch them play with the kids.
6. Les Schwab: This place is wonderful. I ran over a nail this past weekend. I went to the tire store. They patched the hole and rotated my tires for free. They were incredibly kind. It was refreshing.
7. Girl Time: I got to see a good friend from WA on Saturday. It was so nice to sneak away and get some girl time. The pizza and gelato were wonderful, too.
8. My hubby: I am very thankful for how hard he works (at work) and for how patient and encouraging he is at home.

That's it for now. My hubby can sleep through anything BUT I should really turn off the light and get some shut-eye.
Please take some time to be thankful. If you want to read some other thankful lists, go here or here... and be sure to stop by Without Fear to read and comment on Pam's 100th Thanks Tank.


Kimberly said...

Saying no to new responsibilities can be so hard. That's so important that you were able to realize it wasn't what was best for you or your family at the moment.
Amen for great doctors. We've been to our pediatrician twice in the past week. I'm so thankful for the relationship that's been built over the last 9 years. It's wonderful having a doctor who really knows you and your kids! (Not trying to rub anything in here. ;})
Amen for Les Schwab - we LOVE those guys!!!!!

Carmom said...

I agree that saying no to new responsibilities is a hard thing to do. I have given up responsibilities recently that I could have continued on with but I realized they just weren't working for me anymore. Some of those were really hard to give up too.
I find that Girl Time is very important for my sanity. Thank you for sharing your list. I always look forward to reading it. I hope you guys have a great weekend. And tell all those boys Happy Birthday!