Thursday, June 02, 2011

What's Up Doc?

The allergist makes my son nervous. We had an appointment on Wednesday. The doctor he sees is an allergy and asthma specialist. My son was consumed by a fear of "the shots" (the allergy skin tests, which seem to hurt my son tremendously when he is tested for his peanut allergy). He must have asked me 15 time between Tuesday night and the appointment if he was going to have to have "shots".

The appointment went really well. No allergy skin tests ("shots").

My son does not need to use the nebulizer regularly anymore. Basically, because of his age he can now handle using pulmacourt in his inhaler instead of having the medicine in the nebulizer. My son is thrilled. He hates "the mask" (the nebulizer) because of the time it takes. At least for the next month or so while we live in this valley (the self proclaimed grass seed capital of the world), he needs to do the inhaler treatment morning and night. It will be nice. He does his inhaler much easier (more willingly) than the nebulizer.

That's the biggest change.

The doctor also thought my son will be better off in the new climate we will be in once we move. There will be less grass in Nevada- thus, less grass pollen to aggravate his asthma. That's one bright side to Nevada.

When asked about meds, I said that we had been using claritin for seasonal allergies and it doesn't seem to be working as well as the zyrtec. The doctor said zyrtec is a much better antihistamine.

The doctor asked about my son's peanut allergy reactions. When I told him about my son's most recent contact reaction, he shook his head slightly and said hadn't outgrown the allergy. There's no doubt. So we could have another skin test in a couple of years... but really, it seems unlikely he will outgrow the allergy.

No "shots". Again, my son was thrilled.

My son's prescriptions are renewed. We are armed with a note from the doctor to take to the new school district. The doctor is going to call with a doctor recommendation for our new area.

All in all, it was a great appointment.

Now I just need to get the prescriptions filled... new epipens, new inhaler medicines, and I need to pick up some zyrtec.


sharon said...

Sounds like you are getting all ready to go. When is the actual move? I am excited for you all to be reunited. Not so excited to have you go farther away. But, I love seeing how God works in you and through you and can't wait to hear about the adventures he has planned for you in your next stop.

Foursons said...

I live in the worst area in the United States for allergies and asthma. No joke- studies have been done. I would love to move but our roots are so deep here. Husband's family owned business, I have lived here all my life, my mom- our only living parent between the 2 of us...I just don't see us packing up and moving although I long to do so.

Good luck to you, I hope the new school is as great as the current one has been.