Monday, April 04, 2011

Perspective: The Rude Driver or the Oblivious Pedestrian?

I almost hit someone today.

It was terrible. It really wasn't that close but it freaked me out. I let out a little scream and my daughter said, "What Momma?!"

The lady that I almost hit, raised her arms in frustration and gave me the evil eye.

Here's the thing...
I was driving down a 2 lane road and she was walking out from a cross walk- no pedestrian light involved- from beside a parked bus. To me, she came out of nowhere. I was driving by the bus and then suddenly she was there on the other side of the bus.

To her, I was a rude driver that was not respecting pedestrians.

It made me think.

Perspective is a powerful thing.

I wonder, did the lady vent to a friend that drivers have no respect for pedestrians? From her reaction, I doubt she realized that the bus hid her from view until I was right next to her.

Perspective. No two people have the same perspective. Yet, our perspective tempers everything we do.

I am so glad that I didn't hit that lady.


Colette said...

It's kinda scary. there are so many places where the law is that pedestrian has the right of way. In some areas (college campuses come to mind) people just walk without looking. Unfortunately, that's how accidents do occur.

Foursons said...

Oh that is scary. I'm glad you were quick w/your brake pedal.

And you're right- perspective is everything.

Beth E. said...

Shew, I'm glad you didn't hit her, too! You are so right...there are two sides to every story.

I'm so glad you are okay...her, too!

sarahthe said...

the perspective insight -- i'm convinced that the would would be peaceful if we could live our whole lives remembering that.