Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Blur of Today

Today was a blur of activity. It seems my to do list is a mile long. It feels ironic to admit that after yesterday's Pause post.

In a rambling sort of way, here's a bit about my day:

Today, I picked up a donation for the school basket raffle at Starbucks. What coffee lover wouldn't love that? As if I could go in the place and not get a latte.

Today, I tried to explain to my three year old that I was going the right way, despite the sign that seemed to be saying to her that I was not.

Today, I got frustrated with an extension cord. I know, if I put it up right, it would not get tangled. But, come on. I hate extension cords.

Today, due to writing on a car windshield about Obama not paying troops, I explained the what-could-have-been government shut down to my almost 10 year old. Let me just say, I think the only thing my son took away from the whole conversation is that when you are in charge, you get blamed when things go wrong.

Today, I freaked for a minute when I was searching my through my son's hair because there was a note about a kid (he sits next to in class) that has lice. Lice are not black. My son had little pieces of dirt in his hair. Oh, he loved his brother's soccer practice... and he had a nice shower tonight.

Today, I did a lot of laundry and realized that I as much as I don't like doing laundry, it stinks to be behind on the clothes. (No, really, sometimes it really stinks.)

Today, I tried to get an appointment with a doctor and was told the family doctor is only taking OB patients. I felt fantastic saying that would not work for me. (Though, I think the doctor should change her field classification or something.)

Today, I decided it is definitely not cool to have painted nails on one hand and non-painted nails on another hand. Oh.yes.it's.true. I guess Sunday's paint job was a complete failure. Time to remove the chipping paint of my left hand. (It's a light color. Could be worse, right?)

I better stop there before I admit that I lost my sanity today.


sharon said...

Sounds like your day was filled with a lot of "moments". You may not have paused to reflect on them, but you were present and involved with your kids and your community. Taking the time to write them down at the end of the day is kind of like a pause. Your day sounds busy, but filled with worthy pursuits and lots of blessings (healthy kids who play soccer, no lice, starbucks!). You wouldn't want every day to be that busy, but it feels good to get that much done some days.
i think painted nails on one hand could be a new fashion statement.

Kimberly said...

loved this post!