Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Likes and Dislikes

I like honesty.
I don't like when I find out someone misquoted me.

I like pita chips.
I don't like that I discovered this and have been eating them constantly.

I like going places.
I don't like (read that as, hate) packing.

I like cooking.
I don't like doing dishes. (Really, does anyone like doing dishes?)

I like my children.
I don't like it when they complain about stupid stuff. (It's the truth. It's getting on my nerves.)

I like to sleep.
I don't like going to bed.

I like the really nice coffee guy that flirts with my 3 year old.
I don't like feeling old.

I like my husband.
I don't like being separated from him. (That's for anyone that wonders if we are having marital problems. And, yes, I have been asked about that.)

I like playing Tooth Fairy.
I don't like pulling teeth.

I like that my 3 yr old daughter is excited about using the potty.
I don't like a zillion bathroom trips for a few drops at a time.

I like having alone time (me time).
I don't like being lonely.

I like how much my sons' adore my neighbor's new sports car (buy me a car like that one day, please).
I don't like how the car alarm on that car goes off constantly.

I like how my oldest is taking on new activities.
I don't like how I have more taxi responsibilities. (Yes, I should have seen this coming.)

I like that Trader Joes is in another town -about 30 minutes away.
I don't like that I am going to want to go there for the Trader Joe pita chips. (tasty, oh-so-tasty)


sharon said...

I like your blog.
I don't like that it's the main way I get to know what's going on with you. (Read that - wish you still lived here.)

I like that I get to see you today.
I also don't like packing.

I like you!
(I can't think of a good don't like for this one!)

Lindsay said...

I like that you posted a "like" and "don't like" list. I may have to steal that idea! :)

Jane Anne said...

On a side note, that tooth I was thinking about pulling got knocked out by an older brother this morning before school. Got out of pulling that one! Gotta love boys!

Beth E. said...

I like you and your blog, for you have been a source of inspiration and encouragement to me on many occasions. :-)
I don't like that we live so far away from one another, and that we've never met. :-(

Cute post!

Salty Mom said...

I can totally relate to a bunch of these. I also hate doing dishes it is particularly the mass quantities that come from a large family where all but 2 of us still eat lunch at home. I joke with Brian my old lady eccentricity is going to be to use all paper plates!

Brandi said...

Hey girl! Sorry, I've been trying to catch up with ya... busy, busy. I know you know that all to well. And, the game? Well, I guess we could be gracious and say that IF it couldn't be Bama, at least it was another team from the state? Nah. We couldn't even bring ourselves to watch the game. Maybe next year, huh? ;)

And, I am SO with you on the tooth thing. GAH! My 6 year old is about to lose his first tooth any day and I just can't take it. He's so excited and he's doing the whole 'look, mom' thing, as he bends his tooth halfway out of his mouth and it makes me weak in the knees! lol

He & Me + 3 said...

I love tortilla chips and salsa and had them 5 days in a row last week. Yikes . Cute post I hate care alarms, they scare me sorry I haven't been around much it is crazy.