Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Perfect Letter

Yesterday, my son brought this letter home from school. It is perfect.

Dear Families,

Valentine's Day is coming up.:) This year February 14 is on a Monday. That means you just may be looking for classroom Valentines the weekend before! I would urge you to look for your Valentines soon so your child can get started on writing them. You will be getting a class list home in the next couple of weeks. Look for it in the Friday Folder.

Valentine's Day is about Friendship. We will be writing friendly letters in the coming weeks. We will write to our principal, school secretaries and district personnel. Please look for a letter to you, also.

In the spirit of friendship, we will NOT be having food items come in from kids this year. David is our boy who is severely allergic to peanut butter and we want to be a good friend to him. (He can't even have products made in a plant that has peanuts.) However, if you would like to provide a fun "something" with your Valentine, I would suggest a party favor-type thing. Erasers, pencils, and party favors are great in lieu of candy. Your child will still get candy and treats at the party, just prearranged by room parents.

Thank you so much for encouraging FRIENDSHIP.

I would like to take this teacher with me for the rest of David's schooling! She suggested this approach for celebrating Valentine's day. She's an amazing teacher. Her attitude about his food allergy makes a tremendous difference in my comfort level and, most importantly, my son's safety.


Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

That's a terrific teacher! We attended a peanut-free school and parents were encouraged to only send in treats from the local peanut free bakery. I have a good friend whose son has allergies..eggs, nuts, dairy, etc. and I made sure that my son's birthday party had only foods that this little guy could eat! I hate to see children excluded from things because of food allergies!! Angie xo

Lindsay said...

A BIG step in the right direction!

RLR said...

This is fantastic! Yay!
And, I have to confess that today, halfway to school, I realized I'd put PB instead of soybutter in my kids' lunches. It's OK for my son to take it, but my daughter is still in a nut-free classroom. My sweet girl was so upset that her friend Ethan would "get hurt" - I am so proud of her concern for her classmates! I walked them in, took her lunch into the teacher's lounge, and tossed the sandwich before I took her lunchbox into the classroom.
No mom of the year for me. *hangs head in shame*

Nicole said...


sharon said...

Love that teacher!