Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sometimes we have to wait

She was giving it her all.

Her face was scrunched up with determination.

The other night my daughter sat in the bathtub, ivory soap in hand washing her knee. She was desperately cleaning a dirty spot.

She said, "I get it off. I know how!"

And, on and on she went, scrubbing with all her might. She'd lather it up and then dip her leg in the water only to raise it up again with the same blemished spot.

She did not want to give up.

It was precious, humorous, and saddening to watch.

It didn't matter that I told her that it would take a few days for it to go away.

My princess was sure she could wash her bruise away.

The worst part was that she also had a rug burn next to the bruise. Periodically she'd say, "Oh, it hurts. It hurts!" And, it really hurt when she got out of the water. Even though there was sincere effort, the scrubbing caused her more pain.


How many times do I fail to give myself time to heal? When the actions or words of other people cause me pain, why do I react, believing I need to do something?

Sometimes a circumstance bends me way out of shape. And then I analyze everything- hurting myself even further.

Patience is often all I need.

Overtime, problems can disappear or seem insignificant. With time, my perspective can change, I can mature, or I can simply decide to let go.

Soap isn't bad. It just isn't always what's needed to be clean.

Healing takes time. There aren't quick fixes to everything.


"I wait for the LORD, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope." Psalm 130:5


Alicia said...

Aww..great post!!! I love how we learn lessons through our children!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Beautifully put!

Mimi said...

This made me smile!

Hugs & love,