Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Begins

I just grabbed my coffee, slipped on my robe and came outside to the back patio to enjoy the quiet of the morning. The kids are still asleep. We kept them up late celebrating the advent of summer break. We enjoyed root beer floats and dancing to the Swagger Wagon song (yes, that was a funny site).

I have nowhere that I have to be today and I am embracing the lack of commitment. I got so caught up in family fun that I didn't make time for posting my Thursday Thanks Tank. I'm going to post it today, I think. I am very thankful. I spent my Thursday feeling extremely blessed.

I like sitting outside and soaking up the sounds of morning. It's new day and a new season (summer break season). I'm going to enjoy it, embrace it, and take advantage of it. I believe I am going to set some summer goals. First goal, set some summer goals. 2nd goal, get over the fact (this week?) that I am not going to the U2 concert this summer (yep, if you are clueless, it was postponed until next year due to Bono's injury. If you don't know who Bono is, then my goal means nothing to you, I'm sure.) In all seriousness, that 2nd goal is a hard one for me.

Truthfully, I am planning on a nice mix of relaxing and accomplishing this summer.

I am working on being more intentional in my relationships. One way I am doing that is by vocalizing gratitude. Another way I hope to do that is to be more inviting. For me, that means, being the person that instigates conversation or proposes getting together with someone. That challenges me because it requires me to plan ahead. I also want to be even more intentional in my relationships with my kids. They know (and dread) that I am going to work with them on workbooks throughout the summer. I'm doing that to keep their skills sharp. They don't know that I am looking forward to that one-on-one time. I am going to make this a summer of kitchen fun. We will cook (and clean?) together. I'm sure there will be pictures. I am going to plan time with my husband. We already spend tons of time together. Most of the time, we just talk or relax together (and it's wonderful) but this summer, I am going to make it a priority to plan some activities together as a couple.

Those are my summer goals off the top of my head. Do you have summer goals? Share with me! Plan now to enjoy your summer season.


He & Me + 3 said...

My summer goal is to survive it. LOL
The giveaway is up now. Please stop back by for a chance to win a gift card.

Beth E. said...

You have some great summer goals! Mine? Well, here they are...

*Organize my pitiful recipe folder. It's bursting at the seams!
*Read more...whenever I finally sit down each day, I promptly fall asleep. I haven't read any books for months!
*Keep my flower and tomato beds weeded...why do weeds grow so much faster than the plants? ;-)

samantha said...

We went to the park playdate today. I hope you guys will make it to one this summer. My goal is to enjoy some peace and this summer!

Jules said...

I've read a lot about people's summer goals lately. I feel kind of out of the summer goals. I guess summer hasn't really hit us yet here in Wisconsin. Once the temps hit 80, and stay there, then I think I will be ready to plan more of summer.

Alicia said...

Those are great goals!! I, too, am planning on still teaching my little ones, so this way they will be on top of their game once school starts again.

Lorinda said...

I love your goal of cooking together! A couple years ago we had the tradition of having the kids cook dinner on Sunday nights~it was so much fun and they have actually asked to bring it back this summer :)

As the only adult in the house this summer my goal is finding balance...

Between enjoying our time as the three of us and reaching out to friends.

Between relaxing the routines and being responsible enough to have a house I could let another adult walk into (not the case today!)

Between making time to unwind and do nothing and the list we made this morning that included 39 fun things we want to do this summer!

Between doing it all myself and learning to work together as a family to get chores done, meals cooked and things taken care of.