Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Gratitude Experiment: Day 1

First, no, I am not going to give you a daily update all month. That might get boring to read about every day on my blog.

Second, I want to appreciate those around me that I come in contact... but I said (and meant) people I don't know.

Hm, guess who got challenged to do something else on day 1?

Day 1 was a doozy. An hour and half after I woke up I was hit with a terrible migraine. I had impaired vision and a pounding head. I spent the morning entertaining the kids with PBS shows while I lay in bed. I eventually threw up. Hm, it was not a day for gratitude. Or was it?

My goal in this experiment is to be intentionally grateful to others. I want to go above and beyond and make a difference in someone's day. My focus has been on making a difference to the community -basically people I don't know. That way, I can bless other people and perhaps, build relationships. What about those days I don't have a connection with anyone? What about those days when I am not out and about in the world? What about those days when I can only thank my family?

Day 1, day of gratitude, was not what I expected. My husband showed up at home at 11:30. He told me to go to bed. He left work to come home and take care of me. He loved me and went out of his way (requesting to leave work) to show me.

Day 1 starts with a reminder: As important as it is to be kind to strangers, I must not forget to show appreciation to my family.

My husband often goes out of my way for me. How do I show him that I appreciate him?

Now that was not the challenge I was expecting to start with. I think this "Gratitude Experiment" is going to grow me in ways I don't expect.

If you missed the explanation of the Gratitude Experiment, go here: Gratitude Experiment.


Brandi said...

I just read about you Gratitude Experiment. I will be very interested in seeing how it goes as well. Sorry day 1 started with a migraine, but how sweet of your hubby to take care of you. :)

samantha said...

What a great guy!!! Hey are you guys missing your Robin Hood DVD?

Beth E. said...

A very good lesson for us all, Jane Anne. We don't always remember to extend our gratitude to our family.

Sure hope you are feeling better!

Jen said...

Ah, now this hits home with me :) My hubby often (daily!) goes out of his way for me, and I reward him with my not-so pleasant grumpy attitude more often than not, because that's how I handle the stress of daily pressure-cooker life with the 4 wee ones.

I hope you're feeling better & look forward to hearing more about your journey :)

McCrakensx4 said...

Hope you are feeling lots better...those nasty things are NO fun! And what a great hubby you have! I love what you are doing and it is a great reminder to us, your readers, that we can make someone's day by simply smiling, saying thank you or whatever. I am gonna try it! Thanks for the inspiration!

Foursons said...

Yay for amazing husbands! So glad you got to rest and learn at the same time.