Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Musings

This is a totally random post. And, I stole the post title from Missy.

Let's start with a few things that I find funny.

I watched a little one pick her nose, put the booger on my window sill and then tell me she had no idea what the booger was. Man, she had a believable face! She is going to be trouble when she's older. (And, since her parents sometimes read this blog- it wasn't a big deal, it was just FUNny.) I made her get it up with a tissue and throw it away.

There's a new kind of skittles out. I haven't seen them but apparently they are gross and coated with baking soda. Seriously? Wow. This post by my cousin totally cracked me up: Fizzle You, Skittles!

My husband wants to crash a Lost party so he can hang out with my friend's husband. I think it's funny. My husband doesn't watch Lost. He's just an introvert social like that.

Speaking of my husband, I beat him soooo bad at Wii Resort on Mother's Day. I am a terrible video game player. We were playing the flying game (I don't even know the name. Is there a name for the Wii Resort flying game?). It was fun. I think we played 3 games and I won every single game. [My husband's face gets red everytime I talk about this.] You see, I had three boys cheering for me. More than cheering for me, they were cheering against dad, saying things like, "Nooooo Daddy, don't shoot Momma!" "It's Mother's Day, she has to win." "Stoooop, Daddy. Stop!!!" And, then my 5 year old started hitting him when he shot at me. It was hilarious... and I

More randomness...

I hate cutting tomatoes. I just do.
It hurts to burn yourself on the oven- like I just did.

I love Dora. I don't but I so do. After 9 years of boys, hearing a 2 year old love Dora is a-DORA-ble.

I am really bad with dates. Seriously, I am so glad my mom called to tell me yesterday that the 21st is on Friday. How lame would it have been to get my Facebook notification today telling me that my husband's birthday is Friday? I never forgot his birthday was on the 21st. I just didn't realize that the 21st is THIS Friday.

I like shopping for little girls. We went to a Tinker Bell birthday party for a 4 year old yesterday. I had so much fun shopping for the birthday girl that I bought my daughter a Tinker Bell PJ outfit. She needed those PJs -really. Girl stuff is so cute. I may be in trouble.

I guess I better go. I told my husband I had a good dinner for him and I have to go cut a tomato (for the salad) and get the (made-me-burn-my-arm) lasagna out of the oven.


John and Carrie said...

I love this post! LOL. You are awesome sister!

Nicole said...

We have Wii Resort and my son likes the airplane game. I don't but that's probably because I NEVER win. I do pretty well at the sword fighting showdown thing though.

Anonymous said...

I like random comments. I think you should make it a habit. It's such a fun glimpse into your week. And, we eat tomatoes here all the time. Natalie cuts them up and eats them for a snack. She'd be happy to cut your tomatoes for you. And, I'm so glad you are having fun with all of the girl stuff!!

Jill said...

I love that Seth is crashing my party! You know, you could come too, there's going to be yummy food! PS tell Seth he's required to come dressed as a LOST character!

Kimberly said...

I too LOVE the randomness of this post!!! It's great!!!

Foursons said...

The Wii game cracks me up! Daddy, don't shoot Mommy!

He & Me + 3 said...

love random posts...I don't mind cutting tomatoes but I hate cutting onions. They always fall apart on me.
Ouch on the burn too.
I used to be good with dates, but not any more. I forgot Mother's Day this year. Sheesh...what mother does that?

samantha said...

I can't stand tomatos. I hate the smell, texture, how the plant makes your skin smell for hours! I'm now tempted to attend the party just to see what Seth does to crash it. (I've never watched the show either) Dora- I think we both feel the same. She couldn't be better. Good luck with that burn

Missy said...

Aren't the random posts fun? =)

I am curious as to why you don't like cutting tomatoes?

We have been wanting to get Wii Resort but we don't like buying games we haven't tried out.

I wish I had a girly girl. Girls are fun. Enjoy yours.

Jenny said...

hehe I am so sorry if that little picker was Elizabeth. If it was, you're right, she does have the most believable little face on her doesn't she?