Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bug Invasion

I keep finding bugs are all over my house! They startle me. Sometimes they really gross me out. I am constantly having to clean these things up off of the floor.

Thankfully, they are not real.

These plastic bugs (that bring my boys so much joy) often make me and my husband look twice. They also make me think.
I think about small toys and pieces of toys. Besides the bugs, I am constantly finding small swords or tiny lego pieces.
Here's what I wonder: What do moms of girls constantly find? What are the tiny girl toys that end up where you least expect them? And, do any of them ever have a "startle factor"?


Carmom said...

Here are the things I find; Barbie shoes, Hair accessories, little princess playmobile pieces, and polly pocket pieces. Most of the don't startle me. Though Abby does have a few bugs and other things that she mainly collect because of Gabriel. And those startle me.

Jessica said...

I'm always second guessing myself walking into J's bedroom! I "know" it's a fake spider/snake/roach/beetle but you just never really know! I know when I let my guard down, a real one will pop up some day! S's goodies are much nicer--barbie shoes and stuff.

Kimberly said...

Mainly Polly Pocket "stuff". Sometimes Barbie shoes. Or if they have a beaded bracelet or necklace and it breaks then you find lots of "little pieces" EVERYWHERE! Some of the accessories to their Littlest Pet Shop are also pretty tiny. I can't say though that any of these things ever startle me unless something is sharp and I step on it. Then I get a little startled and a little snippy! ;)

Mrs. Fields said...

Barbie shoes - AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! : ) We find the same little things around our house too... Mary's toys aren't that small yet!

NaeLee said...

I would have to ditto the others... polly pockets, barbie shoes, play jewelry. All of which have been startling me lately. Reason being- Luke is crawling and getting into everything. I'm constantly scanning the floor these days.

Anonymous said...

hair clips, pony tail holders, little pieces of fluff or paper that look like garbage but when I ask that it be picked up and thrown away, I'm informed it's a necessary piece of a fairy house.

Anonymous said...

My friends say it's Polly Pocket high heels in the bottom of YOUR heels.

I know what you mean about the boy toys startling you around the corner. I actually had the opposite thing happen recently. I was leaving the fire station at about 2:00am after a call I'd gone on. I saw one of those big, huge plastic beetles on the ground, probably leftover from our fire department Halloween party last year. I thought, "Wow! Cool find! My boys will love this!" I bent down to pick it up, and it SCURRIED off. I screamed bloody murder... not sure if that woke the neighbors up, or all the guys laughing at me woke them up. They were like, "What were you expecting it to do??" Seriously, it was a 3-inch roach. I had no idea such things existed in Colorado. Perhaps they only come out in the middle of the night.