Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank #41

Here is how my Thanks Tank is being filled today:

1. Pink Hair Bows. Elsie’s hair is growing and I am having fun putting a little pink hair bow in her hair.

2. Unexpected phone calls. I received a phone call from a friend yesterday and though it was short, it was wonderful. Calls like that always make me wonder why I used up my “phone love” when I was a teenager.
3. Plants. I few weeks ago (maybe it has been well over a month or so) Jonathan came home with 3 bean plants that he started growing at school. We have repotted it and it is growing like a weed (up the cord of the blinds!!). We are all getting such joy out of it! It has reminded me that I love house plants. The bean plants need to be planted outside but I am ready to love on some new potted plants.

4. A healthy baby. Elisabeth just had her 6 month check up. She is wonderfully healthy. She is small for her age but the doctor said “She is a baby on the go”. Elisabeth wouldn’t be still one second during the exam. She is such a joy!
5. Kid Drawings. My kids pictures always make my heart happy. This week Thomas drew his first drawing of people. He drew himself, daddy, and baby Elisabeth. There are rain clouds above. It is priceless to me.

6. Downtime. This past weekend, I just relaxed. I let the house go and I just enjoyed being with friends and family. It was needed.
7. My Garage. Since we have been in this house we have been back and forth being able to park our car in the garage. We are cleaning out, reorganizing and just battling our storage of stuff. The car can be parked in the garage again and it is such a blessing on rainy days!
8. Fruit. I am really enjoying the beginning of “fruit season”! I have especially been enjoying cherries, strawberries, blueberries, and bananas. All of it is giving me summer fever. I cannot wait for the local berry stands to open up.
9. My kids being excited about church. My kids ask about going to church all week. They love it. It makes me appreciate the church we are attending.
10. Solitude in the Morning. This morning my oldest headed off to the bus stop, my youngest was still sleeping and my two middle boys were playing nicely. I stepped outside, sat at the table on my patio and drank a cup of coffee. My grumpy morning attitude melted away as I listened to the sounds of the neighborhood starting up. I spent a few moments in thought and prayer. It was a blessing.


John & Carrie said...

Great Thank Tank list! It was really precious!
I'm still impressed that you can get Elisabeth to keep hair things/bows/etc in her hair--Sarah pulls them out right away! She'd rather have hair in her face then something in her hair!

Denise said...

This was a really sweet thankful list.

Kimberly said...

#10 sounds just wonderful to me. Now I'll be really, really thankful when we get our patio furniture over here I can sit outside, drink my coffee and spend time in quiet reflection and prayer.

jennifer in OR said...

Wonderful list! I also love the plants and fruits and lovely things of spring and summer.

sarah said...

I agree parking your car in the garage is sooo wonderful!! My husband recently cleaned out the garage and I too am loving parking in there. Thanks for you thank tank. It always inspires me!!

sharon said...

I love house plants too and yours looked so lovely! Great list.

BP said...

I like the pink hair bows!

I've read other posts today about fruit. It sounds so good!

southmsmomof4 said...

Great List! We used to have a two car garage but now we park our kids there.LOL No really we converted it to a bedroom for the two boys then decided it should be our classroom! (they now share a smaller bedroom)it has worked out great and I thank God so much for it. Have a blessed weekend.