Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank #37

This week I starting re-using an old journal. I think I mentioned it in a post a few months back. It is a "Count Your Blessings" journal. There are spaces to journal daily 5 thankful things (It states-"Be sure to remember five things to be grateful for every day"). This has been a fun exercise for me this week. I am thankful for taking time to journal. It is something I hope to continue and expand.

My thanks tank list is simple this week-- just a list of some things that are filling my heart with joy:
1. Sunshine
2. Tulips
3. Clean Children
4. A quite afternoon
5. Elisabeth falling asleep in my arms
6. Baking cookies
7. Compliments from my parents
8. Laughter
9. Watching the kids in swim lessons and soccer
10. My children. Here's a picture of them (taken on April 20th).


Kimberly said...

Love the picture.
Love the list.
Love those kids.
Love the pictures on the wall.

Kimberly said...

Elisabeth needs princess plates and barbie plates and strawberry shortcake plates and my little pony plates and care bear plates and minnie mouse plates - not thomas plates!

Seth said...

I never tell you nearly enough how much I appreciate you Thursday list. Thank you.

Kim- Elisabeth needs University of Tennessee Football plates, race car plates, soccer plates, baseball plates. Not girly stuff.

kimberly said...

i beg to differ. and i'll provide the girly stuff if you don't. so here's your chance to be able to at least have some control over what girly stuff she has.

Kimberly said...

can we compromise with girly soccer plates and University of Tennessee cheerleading plates?

Kimberly said...

oh and race car plates are more than fine as long as its a girl driving!