Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We have lint!

I mean we could have lint collecting in the dryer lint collector (what is that called?) because the dryer is fixed. (No telling what the repair man thought of Thomas pretending to shoot him. He was a good sport. I imagine he has kids. He was kid friendly, thank goodness!) I still have clothes hanging in various bathrooms (though the clothes are dry). I suppose I will go collect those clothes after this and put them up. If I have time to blog, I must have time to take care that! Jonathan is still running a fever (between 100 and 102 depending on how much time it has been between his Tylenol dose). He missed his "Blue and Gold" dinner at cub scouts tonight. He was pretty disappointed about it. He had fun working on his poster today even though he knew he wasn't going to scouts. That's the update. Oh, and the #1 VOLS lost to #14 Vandy tonight. That was disappointing.


Kimberly said...

Glad to hear the dryer is fixed and working properly. Sorry that Jonathan still isn't feeling well. This flu bug that is going around sure hangs on for a LONG time. I'll be praying that the rest of the kids and the adults in your house are protected from getting the high fever. Take care!

Anonymous said...

lint trap

Maggie said...

Thanks for sharing about your "Bloody Sunday", Jane Anne! I can just picture Seth running around town with a basket of wet clothes! Would remind you of our college days, huh?? Hope Jonathan is feeling better today. We've known SO many around here (kiddos AND adults) with days of fever! Hooray for the use of a dryer again!!