Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank #28

Here are a few ways my Thanks Tank is being filled.

1. Rest. I have been making an effort to get in bed earlier. I can tell it is making a differece. Also, Elisabeth slept through the night Tuesday night! That was a surprise and I felt SOOO refreshed. (She didn't sleep through the night last night but that's okay, it happened once so I know it can happen again!)

2. Intimacy. I am thankful for Intimacy in 2 specific ways. 1: With God. God knows me. God is with me. He allows me to know him. (Psalms 139:1-3) 2: With my husband: Spiritually, Physically, and Emotionally (I am sure I made at least one person blush with that thankful thought.)

3. Baby Smiles. I love, love, love getting Elisabeth to smile. Take it from her momma, she has the sweetest smile. My new joy is holding her up to the mirrow and making her smile at our reflection.

4. Imagination. I love listening to my kids play. It is so fun to listen to their imaginations at work. I am thankful for their imagination, as well as my own.

5. My Sisters. I made the most of my phone time this week and I talked to both of my sisters on the phone. I am so bad with making calls and it was refreshing to talk to my sisters. I believe I even talked to them on the same day. I am very thankful for my sisters. They mean a lot to me!

6. Quiet. It is naptime at the Owen house. The youngest boys are asleep. The oldest boy is at school. Elisabeth has been tucked into her swing to ensure this quiet moment lasts. This is when I refuel. I turned off the music and I am just listening to the hum of the swing and the sound of my husband's dog snoring. I am thankful for when my house is quiet and still.

7. Cleaning Out and Organizing. Each thing I organize or clean out fills my heart with such joy! It is very rewarding.


Kimberly said...

Thanks for sharing your thankful thoughts.
So which dog is your husbands? George?

Susanne said...

Over from Pam's. What a beautiful list. I am very thankful for quiet times too!