Sunday, July 22, 2007

12 Happy Years

We celebrated our 12th anniversary today. We have had a lot of fun along the way. We still laugh a lot (at each other mostly). I am truly thankful for my marriage.

Seth thinks he still looks the same. I know I don't because I was not 5 months pregnant when we got married!!




Amy said...

Janey Jane and Seth Andrew,
HAPPY 12th ANNIVERSARY!!! As I embark on my marriage, you will both have to offer your wisdom to this naive thing. =) You make such a wonderful couple. I hope you have been able to celebrate sans children at least a little bit.
All my love,
Amy Jo =)

Melissa Guay said...

Happy Anniversary! We hit our 12-year mark this year too - isn't it surprising how fast time goes? :)

leigh ann said...

I remember it well! Three weeks later at my wedding you guys had this mysterious giddy glow about you...

Happy anniversary, friend! So happy for you. :)

Peach said...

Such a cute couple.

We're only a year and a half ahead of you. We celebrate 14 in Dec.

You look radiant . . . in both shots!