Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Sometimes I wish a Type-A, ultra organized person would come my house and give in to their extreme need to organize. But then again, that person might have a panic attack in my home. Still, the thought of someone else organizing my pantry sounds really nice.

Sometimes cheez-its taste good with wine. I guess wine just goes with everything.

Speaking of that. I have a love-hate relationship with myfitnesspal. We are arguing daily.

Sometimes I get tired of people my age talking about how old they are or how old they feel. They are not old. I am not old. I don't feel old. But I realized today that I don't feel all that young either. Maybe people talk about being old because being middle aged seems too mediocre. Hm.

Sometimes I laugh at things I read. For example, today I read that if you read one hour per day in your chosen field you will be an international expert in 7 years. Somehow I think I could prove that theory wrong. I am a stay-at-home mom.

Sometimes I wish we talked like the characters in Pride and Prejudice. It's just fun to look around the world I am in and imagine people talking to each other with such elegance. Sometimes, it is just hilarious to imagine... especially at places like Costco or Wal-mart.

Sometimes I wonder if I am the only allergy mom that has a hard time not stockpiling safe candy around Halloween. The treat size candy is out in stores and it took everything I had the other day to avoid that aisle at Wal-mart.

Sometimes I am acutely aware that I should cherish the things my kids are doing. My days of blanket forts and stuffed animals frolicking through my living room are numbered.

Sometimes there isn't enough time. So I am enjoying the time I have.

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Sharon White said...

I would absolutely LOVE to come organize your pantry. LOVE!

I don't like cheese its at all - disgusting, but I don't drink wine so I guess that it's okay.

Yes, cherish the time. Blanket forts, dress up, lying on a blanket in the backyard with books and toys, HOLDING HANDS, back rubs, ... these things don't last forever.