Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Today, Monday, June 16th

Today was a good day.
It was the first day of summer break. Okay, my kids and I discussed that and I don't know if we came to a consensus or not. Does summer break start on the weekend after school gets out for summer or the Monday after school gets out? Today was the Monday after school ended for summer break.

Ironically, I started the day by visiting two elementary schools. I needed to pick up records and books at both schools.

After that, I took my three youngest kids to a movie. We saw "How to Train Your Dragon 2." I accidentally picked the time for the 3D movie. The kids didn't mind. It was super cute. I didn't like the part where a favorite character died but besides that, it was really good.

Side note, when I told my 6 year old daughter that I didn't like the death part she said something to this effect: It's okay. When someone dies you are really sad at first but then you get used to it. Like with Logan.
It was startling that she put that all together.

After the movie, we started home. On a whim, I asked if the kids would like to go to the local hand's-on museum: The Discovery Museum. We have a year membership. Naturally, they said yes. So, we played there for about 2 1/2 hours. It was spontaneous and I loved it. I don't give myself the freedom to change plans near enough.

The evening consisted of a quick dinner, play time, and a little (just a small bit of pruning and sweeping) yard work.

I finished my day late. I couldn't resist watching 24. I should have been reading a book but I opted for a recording of the show- the only show I watch, aside from college football which hasn't started and doesn't count as a 'show'. The only problem with it is that I need to relax after it... which is probably why I am recounting my day right now.

It was a good day.

My oldest and my husband are backpacking in the Lassen Volcanic National Park. This is my oldest son's big 13th birthday celebration. I am anxious to know about the trip. They don't have cell phone coverage. As hard as that is for me, I imagine it is just perfect for a backpacking trip.

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