Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I figured out recently that I need goals. I suppose if someone had asked me if I liked to have a goal to strive for, I would have said yes. I didn't realize how much I am affected when I don't have a goal until recently. How did I figure it out? Well, I set a goal and quite suddenly felt so much happier than I had been feeling during the weeks before.

I was surfing the net when one of my running groups posted that Disney had opened up more slots for the Disney marathon and half marathon. I had planned to eventually do a Disney marathon, figuring it would be a lot easier to work out after our recent move to Florida. I had checked on Disney races right after we moved. The soonest I had the chance to run the Disney marathon was going to be 2016 because, of course, it was full.  Normally these races sell out within hours of opening. New slots for the race was extremely unusual (unheard of to me) and a little hard to believe. I hopped over to the RunDisney site to see if it was true. It was. So after some consideration, I signed up for the Disney marathon for January, 2015. 

Ever since, my running feels more purposeful. It's not to say I wasn't enjoying my runs before. I was. I was running because I enjoy it. Each run felt good. But now, each run now feels like a small piece of a big puzzle. It feels good physically and mentally.

I am not sure, but I imagine having a focus will help my running improve.

I am pretty certain all of this could be applied to other areas of my life- managing the home, working with my kids, intellectual pursuits (reading is all I can think of here), and on and on.

I am often frustrated that I am not making progress. I feel frustration and lament that I am not getting anything done. I am getting things done but nothing is ever complete. I'm now considering that it is because I don't have defined goals.

It's time to set goals. It's time to look at different areas of my life and set some small (and maybe long-term) goals.

I imagine that having a focus will allow to feel more satisfied each day.

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