Tuesday, July 09, 2013

One location, worlds apart, united by a need for love.

Tonight at VBS:

A mom yelled at her son during the session opening. It started on the way in from the line up outside and continued into the sanctuary of church. She wasn't really yelling. It was just really loud admonishment that couldn't be ignored by bystanders. He needed to be grateful. He needed to put on a happy face. Sometimes it takes a lot to make him happy. Could he just be okay? She needed to go. It was the one night she needed to be somewhere. Okay, FINE. Just one more song. Look at all of the other happy kids. The longer she stayed, the later she'd be. She just wanted to go to her Bible Study. He wanted her to stay and hear the songs.

Tonight at VBS:
A teenage kid stole an iphone. The evidence is based on the find my iphone app and where he was when the phone was turned back on. The find-my-iphone app pointed to a bus stop where he was waiting to take a bus to his group home. He was volunteering at church to get community service. His family life is complicated. He doesn't have the love of a family. From what little I know, his mom is a drug addict who isn't in his life and his dad left him and his brother with a girlfriend. The girlfriend (who is a member of the church) has legal custody of the teenager's brother but the teenager is in a group home and has services of social workers.

Two boys, worlds apart, in one location.

The boy that was yelled at was in my 1st grade group at VBS.
The iphone was one of ours. We lost an iphone. I have a heavy heart.

Two worlds collided. Such extremes. Two boys who desperately desire love.

Tonight, my boys and I prayed for a teenager whose needs are vast.
Tonight, I am struck by the diverse needs around me.

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RLR said...

Powerful experience. Our VBS runs next week. I hope I'm able to be as observant and prayerful as you.