Thursday, March 01, 2012

Thursday Thanks Tank #177

March 1st. Wooza, how did it happen? What do they say- In like a lion, out like a lamb? I'm marching right into this month with thankfulness. I'm determined. I'm planning to slide into April with a thankful heart. That's my plan.

To help, I'm participating in Ann Voskamp's March Joy Challenge. If you don't read Ann's blog, you should. She is gifted with words and an ability to share honestly about her faith. Here's her post for today: How to Make Your March Amazing

Now on to my thankfulness...
Here's how my Thanks Tank is being filled today:

Recipes that can be thrown together with pantry items: With a basketball game in the late afternoon, my original dinner plan for Monday wasn't going to work. I threw together this Crockpot Sesame Chicken. It was wonderful. The only thing I didn't have was sesames.

Snow Snow is beautiful. I really enjoy seeing it fall. In fact, it is crazy windy here today and there are snow flurries blowing wildly about. It makes me smile. Here's a picture I took of a sweet bird on Monday.

Businesses that support schools: Every little thing that a business does to support a school makes a difference. I've been helping my kids' school with a fundraiser and I am thankful for those that offer resources to schools.

Writing: Black marks on white paper- almost as beautiful as this journal. I've decided to journal again. It's been a while. It nurtures my soul in a way that other things cannot.

Words with Friends What a fun little game!

My phone: I got a new phone recently and, quite honestly, I love it. I'm not sure why it took my husband so long to convince me to move from a Blackberry to an iPhone. Oh my word, it's fantastic!

A growth in confidence: It is gratifying and exciting to watch a child grow in confidence.

My family: We laugh, we irritate, we tickle, we hug, we exasperate, we call, we text, we smile, we comfort, we pray, we miss, we look up to, we aspire to be, we love... we are so many things to each other each day. I am thank for my family, both the ones that I live with and the ones I don't.

What are you thankful for today?
Take time to think about it.
Take time to look at the little bits of goodness in your day.
Appreciate. Appreciate. Appreciate.

Let your heart be full of Thanksgiving.
"Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name." Psalm 100:4


Honey said...

Jane Anne,
I am thankful for you....for the way you share your the words you your heart that shines through your your precious family that make me smile when I see their pictures and laugh when I hear the are a doll!

Alicia said...

Aww! I loved this post!! So many great and new things to be thankful for!!!!

I missed visiting your blog!!

Missy said...

I am thankful that I have an awesome God who knows what is best for me even when I don't.

Foursons said...

I love a new notebook and fancy pen. So many endless words await to fill the pages.