Thursday, February 04, 2010

Thursday Thanks Tank #118

For quite a long time, I have dedicated my Thursdays to thankfulness. I make sure to spend time thinking thankful thoughts and jotting down a thankful list. I have run into a problem the last couple of weeks. My Thursdays are too busy. (Truth is, my every day seems too busy lately but I won't ramble on about that.)

Well, it's still Thursday here in the NW and I am going to make a thankful list because I need it. Comments or no comments, I want to document my thankful thoughts today.

Here are a few things that are filling up my Thanks Tank this Thursday. This time around they are all things I am thankful for from today:

1. An afternoon of my kids playing nicely together
2. Parents that buy safe food (for a child with a peanut allergy) to celebrate birthday parties at school.
3. My son's attentiveness to his allergy [My son was so excited to get safe cupcakes. When I picked him up from school, he excitedly told me, "I had cupcakes and they were safe." I reminded him that I check all the food for parties. I asked him if he asked about them. He said, "Yeeeeees. I asked two times." He asked two different people, just to make sure.]
4. Texts asking if I want a latte
5. Lattes
6. McDonald's sweet tea
7. Encouragement from teachers
8. Found keys
9. Salad (I had salad for lunch and dinner today -two different salads, both very yummy.)
10. Excel Spreadsheets
11. The prayers of my kids
12. Clean children
13. Folded laundry
14. Coupons
15. Chocolate


Unknown said...

Great list! I love it when other parents really get it right with the allergy stuff.

He & Me + 3 said...

Girl I am thankful for most of those things too.If you get a chance to stop by, I am having a giveaway at my blog & the 5 moms blog today.

Avery's Mommy said...

Lovvve Excel spreadsheets. Oh, and all that other stuff too :)

Happy Friday!

Beth E. said...

Good things for which to be thankful! I'm especially liking 5, 9, and 13-15. ;-)

Kimberly said...

I noticed that you didn't have "a text from a friend about an upcoming girls getaway to San Fransisco"! ;~} I'm hoping you are still looking forward to the prospect of this trip and wanting to go?

Foursons said...

You had a great day! And how cute is that boy of yours?!