Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thanks Tank #16

I love Thankful Thursday. As always, I encourage you to take a few minutes today and think about the great things in your day. I am thankful for these things this morning:

1. Birthdays: Yesterday was my niece’s 1 year old birthday, today is my dad’s birthday, the day after tomorrow is my mother-in-law’s birthday. I like birthdays because they remind me how thankful I am for the birthday person.
2. My morning walk to the bus stop: Each morning David and I walk Jonathan to the bus stop. Thomas sleeps in. I love these walks. I love David holding my hand and just getting out into the fresh air each morning.
3. Husband is coming home: My husband has been out of town all week. The kids have been sick with high fevers and sleepless nights. I am exhausted. I am looking forward to dual parenting again and getting a big hug.
4. Inspiration: Okay, I found this Internet café yesterday. Checking it out again this morning, I can tell it will benefit me.
5. Books: Last night, I finished reading, Brothers , by Angela Elwell Hunt. I love when a book refreshes my spirit and gives me a pleasant escape. I picked up this book on a whim at a used bookstore. I really enjoyed it.
6. Sleep: I slept great last night!
7. Kid Moments: I treasure the kid moments of the week. Here are a few of them: getting big hugs, rocking a sick child to sleep, hearing “I love you around the world a million times,” seeing 3 boys being entertained by play-dough for hours, hearing one child encourage another child on his own, and kissing my kids as they sleep.


lori said...

I agree...hubby's coming home is one of the best...and
Cyndi's post at CWO was great, I agree...I loved it too!!
have a great weekend!

Denise said...

May you be greatly blessed dear.

Love Bears All Things said...

I'm thankful hubby is coming home.
My grandaughter's 7th Birthday was yesterday.
Hugs, what a wonderful thing to be thankful for.
And the walks to the bus stop!
Mama Bear

Anonymous said...

I love kissing my children while they sleep too! I love watching them sleep. I often wonder....Jesus said God is our Heavenly Father, our Abba "Daddy"--does that mean he enjoys watching us sleep as much as I love watching my children sleep?

Kathleen Marie said...

That is fantastic. The family will be reunited... What blessings! And kids are simply the greatest!

God Bless!

Vicki said...

Blessings on your family!