Sunday, October 21, 2007

100 Plus Things About Me

This post is my 102nd post on my blog. To honor writing over 100 posts, I decided to write down a little bit about myself. It sure was much, much harder than I expected to come up with so many things about myself.

1. I have 3 boys and one girl.
2. I was born in Florida.
3. I’ve lived in Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Colorado, Virginia, Washington, and Oregon.
4. I’ve spent the last 10 years outside of the South East but I still consider myself a Southern girl.
5. My first job was at Arby’s.
6. My last job was working as a Software Tester.
7. I have a degree in communication. If nothing else, I plan on using my journalistic skills on interrogating my kids as they age.
8. When I was little I dreamed about being a National Geographic Reporter.
9. My favorite colors are yellow and green.
10. I do not like country music.
11. I have to admit (for my husband’s sake) I did listen to country music some in college due to being in love with my husband and having an amazing college roommate (who was quite in love with George Strait).
12. My favorite movie of all time is It’s a Wonderful Life.
13. I have a dog named Bailey.
14. I love the movie You’ve Got Mail.
15. I don’t watch TV regularly.
16. The most regular TV watching at our house is PBS Kids and college football in the fall.
17. We occasionally consider getting rid of cable but college football has been worth the Comcast bill!
18. I check the news regularly online.
19. I have rediscovered my love of reading fiction this last year.
20. The most amazing taste in the world is chocolate covered strawberries.
21. My favorite drink indulgence is a Latte from Starbucks
22. My favorite dessert indulgence is Ice Cream.
23. One of my pet peeves is shopping carts left out in a parking lot.
24. Another pet peeve of mine is bending your book open and propping it that way instead of using a bookmark.
25. I have two sisters.
26. I am the middle child.
27. I am not a morning person.
28. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast.
29. I love silence.
30. I enjoy scrapbooking.
31. I enjoy making cards and rubber stamping.
32. I like to sew but I am a novice.
33. I pieced a quilt but I did not quilt it. My grandmother quilted it for me.
34. I want to learn more about gardening and plants.
35. My ideal vacation or retirement home would be next to water.
36. I enjoy swimming.
37. I enjoy soccer. I played as a child and have also played as an adult.
38. I am out of shape now.
39. I have always wanted to travel to Spain (maybe due to one of my favorite childhood books, Ferdinand).
40. I have also wanted to go see the Macy’s Day parade since I was a kid.
41. I love taking trips.
42. I love flying (turbulence does not bother me).
43. I do not like roller coasters. They don’t scare me or make me sick. They just make my neck muscles extremely sore.
44. My passion is prayer.
45. I believe in the idea that each person’s perception of a situation is their reality. (The motto a mentor taught me years ago: Perception is Reality.)
46. I believe Listening is one of the best gifts you can give a child.
47. I took an ROTC class in college and went repelling.
48. I have taken a ride in a Glider airplane. It was awesome—much more peaceful than exhilarating.
49. I have also gone parasailing. It was much the same- more peaceful than exhilarating (except when my honeymooning husband told the boat driver to dip me in the water!).
50. My favorite candy bar is a Snickers. (Update: I have given up Snickers. My new favorite is Heath bars.)
51. I rarely eat Snickers since my son is extremely allergic to peanuts.
52. The first car that I loved was a Pontiac Fiero.
53. The last car that I loved was my Mazda Miata.
54. I look forward to giving up my mini-van one day – though I am confident it is years and years away.
55. The first concert I ever went to was a Van Halen concert. I did’t even like Van Halen (but I thought I liked the guy I was with).
56. The best concert I have been to was a U2 concert.
57. I haven’t been to a concert in a long, long time.
58. I married my high school sweetheart.
59. I hated high school.
60. I love learning.
61. I loved college.
62. I went to the University of Alabama and I am a proud BAMA fan.
63. I’d like to go back to school. I don’t know what I want to study.
64. My favorite flower is a daisy.
65. I really don’t like cutting the grass. I don’t like long grass more than I detest having to cut it.
66. For jewelry, I’d take silver (or platinum!) over gold.
67. I love clowns. My favorite part of the circus is the clowns.
68. It makes me sad to hear people say they are scared of clowns.
69. I dressed up as a clown with my sister and went to cheer up my mom at work. (It worked- it was funny and she was QUITE surprised!)
70. I picked up a hitch hiker once. I was with a group of friends (we had rented a van) on a sight-seeing trip in Colorado.
71. I wish I had a better memory.
72. Shoe shopping drives me crazy.
73. I wish every shoe was as comfortable as Birkenstocks.
74. I used to pretend my Barbies were Princess Leia.
75. My 3 boys love Star Wars and have Star Wars costumes this year for Halloween.
76. Mold grosses me out. I mean it I find something in the fridge with mold on it, I want to scream and then disinfect the whole fridge.
77. I hate cock roaches. I cannot imagine why they were created.
78. My boys have given me a new appreciation for bugs (but not cock roaches!). [Side note: Child 1) Inspects bugs; Child 2) Extremely afraid of Bugs; Child 3) Stomps on Bugs]
79. I took piano lessons as a child and into my early teen years.
80. I didn’t enjoy piano lessons and I won’t play for anyone.
81. The only reason I am thankful that I had lessons is because I can read music.
82. I wish I could carry a tune.
83. I look forward to being able to sing and make beautiful music in heaven.
84. I love the sound of a violin.
85. I don’t have a good sense of direction.
86. I’d rather not give out directions even if I am totally familiar with a route.
87. When caravanning, I would rather follow than lead.
88. I do not like walking through large groups of people.
89. I love taking my kids to the park.
90. Being outside is refreshing to me (even if it is at a community park with kids running around acting crazy).
91. I think it should be a law that parks with playgrounds must have bathrooms.
92. I have never colored or highlighted my hair.
93. I wonder if having a head full of gray hair will bother me or my husband more.
94. I don’t make decisions quickly and I like the freedom to change my mind.
95. That is precisely why I would never get a tattoo.
96. I do not like monopoly or any kind of trivial pursuit.
97. The most recent games I enjoyed were Pitt and Sequence.
98. Crosswords puzzles don’t interest me but I find word searches relaxing.
99. I do not enjoy Math or working with numbers.
100. I am not a good price shopper.
101. Seeing a rainbow in the sky gives me childlike joy.
102. I never want to stop learning, making new friends, improving myself and growing closer to God.


Kimberly said...

Thanks so much for sharing more of yourself with your list!!! There were a number of things that made me laugh, a number of things that I had no idea about and a few things that I did know that others might not. It's interesting that you chose to do this because I've recently been toying with the idea of doing a "list post" for my blog. But I'm not sure if it would work! I'm too much of a talker and I'd want to "explain" everything! Thanks again for sharing!
P.S. I can't believe you know how to play the piano and have never once mentioned that fact to me!

Jane Anne's 103rd thing about her -- she likes to have secrets, things that she knows but that others around her do not! ;}

Maggie said...

I remember that hitch hiker.....What a great memory!! Exciting, but a bit scary all in one! haha He turned out okay, but I'd never do it again! haha I think it helped that we had several guys in the van and NO KIDS!!!!!

Thanks for sharing that, Jane Anne! What a great idea! And remembering Kristi and her love for George Strait made me smile!

Give Seth a gentle "ROLL TIDE" nudge from the Silveys!


Anonymous said...

#23 Me too

Anonymous said...

FYI...Snickers is the number 1 candy bar in the USA

Seth said...

I LOVE trivia games- only if I am good at them. If I am oplaying with someone smarter than I, then I don't like playing.

You'll always be my little Southern Girl.

I didn't know you liked Green.

We watch football in the fall as much for you as for me... Thats another thing I love about you!

I have no idea why, but I love seeing you read.

My favorite drink indulgence is beer.

Because of your shopping cart pet peeve, I will gather up shopping carts from the parking lot and carry them in with me as I walk into the store.

I bend my book back and probably always will. I got a kick out of Jonathan telling me I should stop abusing the book.

I cannot stand silence for more than.. oh, say.... 18 seconds.

I also took a couple of ROTC classes. But I rapelled down from the eighth floor of a hotel dressed as Santa Claus.

I have been to very very few concerts. Never Van Halen or U2.

THe hitch hiker incident... you failed to mention that there was a gun involved. THe State Trooper that was riding with us was packing heat.

There are so many more I want to comment on...

Kimberly said...

Give us more Seth!

Anonymous said...

I would do this but I don't think I can count that high.

Aussie free style is the best!

Melissa Guay said...

I still can't believe you picked up a hitchhiker. However, now knowing there were guys AND an armed State Trooper, that's a little better. But wouldn't HE know better? Don't you people watch horror movies?

Kimberly said...

JA - I'm leaving more comments about this post, well, just because I can!

#5 - I have a hilarious story about a date I had at Arby's once.
#20 - I didn't know that you were a Choco Straw fan - but who can resist chocolate covered anything?
#24 - That totally has to be a middle child pet peeve, Janeen HATES it also!
#66 - Go for the platinum!!!!
#70 - If Keith hadn't picked up two hitchhikers I might not have ever met him! Crazy, huh?
#72 - I shake my head and moan!!! Shoe shopping is indescribable in a magnificently awe inspiring way!!! How can you not like it? (We are talking about for you and not the kids right?)
#96 - Trivial Pursuit and trivia type games are SO MUCH FUN!!! How can you not enjoy laughing until your sides hurt at the answers that are given? Matter of fact, I'm quite sure that my family has ended up on the laughed at side over some sports trivia questions. Am I not right? ;}
And lastly, #100 - I'm vowing to myself and you that I will do everything in my power to change this! You to, my dear friend, can be a lover (and enjoyer) of bargain shopping!!!!

leigh ann said...

This was so fun for me to read. Do you know how much I wish we lived near each other? Someday, friend...

I so remember visiting you at Arby's. In fact, I was in Knoxville last weekend and went past Lovell Road and thought about you working at that Arby's. That whole place looks NOTHING like it used to!

#44 inspires me. I want prayer to be my passion. I feel so often like God gets my leftovers. I want that to be different. I guess having a husband in Iraq for a year could definitely improve one's prayer life, huh?

Your list has reminded me that while our life circumstances have been parallel, you and I are different in a lot of ways. It makes me love you even more.

Anonymous said...

The last time I picked up a hitchhiker I got married.

Mary said...

Fun list and a very nice blog :D

Hey Mama where's my... said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, great list too by the way!! My son loves Star Wars too! That was a great embarassing story also, of course it probably wasn't great to you at the time!! Thanks again, have a great evening!