Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some Sad News

We are quite sad here at the Owen house not to be able to watch and cheer (and scare our kids) during this Saturday's game. CBS was originally going to carry the game and they dropped it. It is discouraging and disappointing. No doubt, we will still be cheering hard for our teams (ROLL TIDE!!). And, I am sure my hubby will find a way to be in his truck listening to his XM radio SEC station during the game.

This was taken (without permission) from the Tennessean.

UT-Bama gets the cold shoulder
by David Climer

A sign of the college football times:
The Tennessee-Alabama game is not on national TV.
This classic Southern football rivalry, once worthy of national attention, is going regional this year. The game will be carried on the Lincoln Financial telecast, with the decidedly non-prime time kickoff time of 11:30 a.m.
That speaks volumes about the current state of the two programs. Tennessee has righted itself after a slow start and is back in the Top 25 rankings. But Alabama, under first-year coach Nick Saban, is trying to get back up and running.
TV executives looked at the SEC buffet and decided that Florida-Kentucky and Auburn-LSU are worthy of more attention than the Vols and Crimson Tide.
Local bias aside, I can’t disagree with them.


Peach said...

We are in the region, so we're going to watch the game at 12:30 our local time. I'll be thinking of you and your sweet hubby as hopefully our Vols can show up and not embarrass themselves : )

So sorry about the snub . . .

Matt said...

Tell Seth that I'll be boarding a plane an hour after kickoff, so the game will probably end before I leave US airspace. At worst, I'll be over an ocean... but NOT in Asia for the game. That means the Vols will win.

leigh ann said...

Seth, be glad you missed it. U-G-L-Y for a Tennessee fan! I don't mind Alabama winning, but I hate to see the Vols get creamed like that. Maybe this will get us one step closer to a Fulmer-less program!