Thursday, March 22, 2007

Goodnight…oh, and Daddy, I asked Jesus into my heart tonight.

“Goodnight…oh, and Daddy, I asked Jesus into my heart tonight.”
Those were Jonathan’s words to Seth right before bed last night. What wonderful words to hear! I was sitting outside the boys’ room at the computer so I was privy to those sweet words. Of course, Seth didn’t just stay, “Okay, goodnight!” Seth and Jonathan came out of the room (which surprisingly didn’t bother David at all) and they had a nice talk and prayed.
As it turns out, Jonathan said that he had a chance to pray at Awana’s at church. He said that his teacher talked to them about asking God to forgive them for the things they did wrong and about asking Jesus to be in his heart. Then Jonathan said, so I asked him to be in my heart again. Again? Jonathan explained that this wasn’t the first time he asked Jesus in his heart. He said that a couple of weeks ago he did it in his room. When asked where Momma and Daddy were he said, “You were downstairs.” Wow- what an affirmation of it being real! After talking a bit Jonathan was very concerned that he had messed up somehow, saying, “I didn’t know you only had to ask him in your heart once.” He has the precious heart of a faithful child! It was the sweetest moment. I am so thankful he believes in Jesus. Seth and I couldn’t stop talking about it and about our responsibility to help him grow and mature in his faith and trust in Christ.
If you see Jonathan, be sure to tell him how happy you are about Jesus being in his heart! (I tried to explain that he is a Christian but I am not sure he was staying with me on that.)

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leigh ann said...

There is nothing better than that. Congratulations! What is really amazing are the spiritual conversations that you will continue to have with him. Bradley was really upset the other night, feeling guilty about something he had done. I was able to discuss with him that he was feeling the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and how that was different from feeling shame or condemnation from the enemy. What a privelege it is to be parents. Thank you, God, for loaning us the precious children!