Thursday, November 30, 2006

What am I looking forward to?

Have you ever thought, “I have nothing to look forward to?” I started thinking about it…a lot. Today, I asked myself, “What am I looking forward to today?” I found that there are quite an abundance of answers even on the most ordinary day. This morning when I asked myself that question, I came up with only 2 quick answers. I was looking forward to Seth coming home from work. I was also looking forward to my next kiss from Seth (yes, I know that is cheesy but it is the truth). Now it is mid-afternoon. This question has generated quite an appreciative attitude in my heart. I have found myself spending more time thinking about God and how many blessings he lays out before me each day. I am still looking forward to seeing my husband. I am also looking forward to so much more. I am looking forward to making my children giggle. I am looking forward to little things like seeing how my new crock-pot recipe turns out. Mostly, though, I am looking forward to the creative way God will show me knew truths because I am recognizing his presence. I am looking forward to time with the Creator. Just in this little exercise today I am reminded that nothing gives me more peace or more joy than drawing close to God.

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