Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Forecasting in Washington

One of my favorite things is Jay Leno's "Headlines." Since I have a journalistic background, the blunders literally make me laugh out loud. This week our newspaper cracked me up. Really, it wasn't even the News Tribune that was ridiculous, it was the meteorologist.

If you have been paying attention to the weather news, WA has been having record breaking rains. ("Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire declared an emergency for 18 counties, authorizing the National Guard and the Emergency Management Division to offer assistance." [Fox News] "The worst floding in Pierce County in 10 years chases more than 1,500 people from their homes." [Tacoma News Tribune]) Many areas close to us have been flooded and residents had to be evacuated. It rains here in the fall and winter quite a bit but this system came on fast and dumped a great deal of rain. I think the meteorologist was trying to be creative with his Tuesday forecast.

The forcast in the paper said: "Rain turning to showers."

Rain turning to showers! In most of the country that would be redundant. It made me chuckle. However, by Tusday, I realized that only in WA does the forcast make perfect sense. It was raining on Tuesday morning and by later in the day, we had our typical mist-like "showers". As Jonathan said when we got to school, "Momma! I don't need my raincoat, it is barely raining now!!"

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