Sunday, April 09, 2006

Not a Morning Person

I am not a morning person. I try to get up and get my shower before my boys wake up. It does not always happen. There are days that I just cannot get out of bed. Last week was a week of those kind of days. Jonathan and David are now old enough to play a bit if I have not gotten out of bed. (Thomas sleeps later than the rest of us.) One morning last week the boys were up and about before me. After each time they talked to me, I easily fell back asleep. I guess to tell the truth, I was hardly awake at all. I could have kept it up until Thomas woke up but Jonathan woke me up with a Momma love note. He had gotten his crayons and paper and made me a special drawing. It was probably the only thing that could have made me smile about pulling back the covers.


Seth said...

Now wait. You weren't a morning person before- so this isn't a surprise. I have always been a morning person- but since I have increased my dependance on coffee, I have become less and less of a morning person. (see my blog for examples...) I believe that coffee makes people become non-morning people.

Hope said...

That sounds like my past 2 mornings. :) I mentioned to my mom that the kids are able to get up and Christian can make them cereal on the weekends when Clinton's not here. She acted like it was a terrible thing so I'm glad to read that I'm not the only one! :) Clinton's in Vermont for 2 weeks for some Army school.

One weekend I came downstairs and Christian had labeled everything! :)

justKristi said...

I can NEVER get up before Ryan (now 14 months) does...IMPOSSIBLE. And I am a morning person. He has some kind of strange internal alarm that wakes up precisely minutes before I would like matter the time. Seriously!

JA, maybe I should send you one of those cd player alarm clocks and I could also send you a David Allen Coe cd. Would that get you up??