Friday, April 07, 2006

The Conversation Piece – Question #6

The Conversation Piece – Question #6
6. In your opinion, what is the single most significant event that has occurred in world history during the last thousand years. (Define “significant” however you wish.)
I decided to give up on coming up with my real answer. If I did that- at the rate I am going- I might never end up blogging on this blog again. So, today “significant” means significant to personal hygiene (but basically significant just because I found it interesting)
In 1498 – Toothbrushes appeared in China. (according to an interesting history website:
The “” says that toothbrushes didn’t arrive in China until 1600. What’s more interesting to me is that toothbrushes didn’t arrive in the United States until closer to the 1800s.
Here’s some copied info:
“The first true bristled toothbrush also originated in China at around 1600 AD. At around 1780, the first toothbrush was made by William Addis of Clerkenald, England. Addis, and later, his descendants, manufactured the finest English brushes, where the handles were carved out of the bone of cattle and the heads of the natural bristles were placed in the bored holes made in the bone and kept in place by thin wire. The natural bristles were obtained from the necks and shoulders of swine, especially from pigs living in colder climates like Siberia and China.
By the early 1800s the bristled brushes were in general use in Europe and Japan. In 1857, H. N. Wadsworth was credited as the first American to receive a toothbrush patent as America entered the growing toothbrush market.
Hard to believe, but most Americans didn't brush their teeth until soldiers brought the Army's enforced habit back home from World War II.”
So, why is this of interest to me? Who knows? Maybe it is because my 4 year old just decided (after 3 years of constant struggle) that teeth brushing is important (because Ms. Sara and the visiting dentist at Preschool said so).