Friday, June 07, 2013


It's summertime.
Summer doesn't officially start until June 21st but summer has arrived at my house. School is over for the school year. We are letting the kids stay up a little later. They are sleeping in. We are eating more fresh fruit. We had a water balloon fight on Wednesday. I got soaked and it was fantastic. The kids also had a water gun fight. We are headed to the water park today. We've been eating popsicles and ice cream on cones. We eat dinner on our back patio. The kids had a lemonade stand with some neighborhood friends yesterday. My husband and I sat on our front porch swing this morning before the kids woke up.

I'm loving the start of summer.

Make no mistake...

School is over for the school year. I am adjusting to having all 4 kids home, plus whichever friends stop by. The kids are staying up later so I have less "me time" at night. The kids sleep in but fight over who woke up first, or even who won because they got the most sleep. I am sad when I have to throw out berries that got mushy before they were eaten. The water balloons had to be swept up. And, sometimes kids get tired of getting sprayed with cold water. I'm anticipating at least one kid not being ready to leave the water park when it is time to go. Popsicles melt and ice cream falls off the cone. Sometimes we see bugs or (gasp) bees outside when we eat dinner. My kids didn't think the money was split up fairly after the lemonade stand. I might have mentioned yard work when I was sitting with my husband on the porch swing.

Summer isn't perfect. It's packed full of fun.  It's wonderful. And, it's real life.
I'm gonna enjoy every minute of summer as best I can.

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Foursons said...

Yup, sounds about right! But despite all the negative stuff, the journey is worth every minute.