Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Food Fight!

My son has asked to have a food fight since he was five years old. He doesn't even remember it but his desire started after watching the food fight in the movie, Hook.

We decided a food fight would be a good way to celebrate turning 12.

He agree to let his his friends smash his face in a cake to start off the fight. As we sang happy birthday, his friend treated him to some cake.

Then it was all out war.

My son was very happy.

When the food fight was over, we brought out a cooler of water balloons. This was an excellent way to finish the fight.

The balloons were fun but they didn't wash anything off the kids.
My husband had fun working on that.

Before and After:

(The boys thought the food fight was epic. My five year old daughter, on the other hand, said it was the "worst party ever." Getting splattered with food proved to be too much for her.)

Food Fight Tips and Lessons Lessons Learned:
  • Be prepared for a lot of clean-up.
  • Use drop cloths. We taped plastic sheeting for painting on our garage door and on the sides of our house. We also draped it over the bushes and flower beds next to the driveway.
  • Expect the possibility of an impromptu block party. Our neighbors, even neighbors we don't know that well, came outside, laughed, and watched the fun. 
  • If you have flour in your food fight, you should have the kids wear goggles. We considered goggles but my 12 year old did not like the idea. Getting flour in your eyes is not fun. 
  • Spaghetti noodles are fun to throw. They are not easy to clean up. If you use noodles, they need to be cooked al dente. Even then, they will be difficult to wash away and clean up as they get soggy.
  • Sodas are fun to shake up and spray at other people.
  • Have a cake to start the food fight. One of my sons says it was his favorite food to throw.
  • Water balloons are a nice way to end the fight. The food was gone, the kids were a mess, and there was a little lull in the mood. The water balloons were the perfect ending.  But note, they will do nothing (nothing) to clean up the kids.
  • Have a plan for washing the kids. Have everything you need ready. If you don't think of everything (or even if you do) you may be washing smears of food off of door handles and door frames. (Washing hands before coming inside should be a must. I could still smell mustard in my entry way for a day.)
  • Have a plan for washing the kids. Have everything you need ready. (Did I already say that? I was tending to my crying daughter and desperately wished I had been more prepared for cleaning up the kids.)
  • Go to the dollar store for food. I bought ketchup and mustard and other items that are usually more expensive at our local 99 cent store.
  • Raid your pantry for food. 
  • Food we used in the fight: cake, spaghetti with sauce, jello, beans, whipped cream pies, soda, mustard, ketchup, mashed potatoes
    • Cake- I made an extra cake just for the purposes of starting the food fight. 
    • Spaghetti- we added some sauce to make it more fun. Cook noodles al dente. Be warned again, noodles are hard to clean up.
    • Jello- I raided my pantry for jello and while it was colorful, it wasn't that fun to throw. (I think pudding would be better.)
    • Beans- Baked beans and black beans. We had beans because I had them on-hand in our pantry. 
    • Whipped cream pies- My son really wanted to throw pies. Pies are expensive. I bought several aluminum containers and the cheapest off-brand cool-whip to make our "pies." The boys reused the containers to scoop up other food and throw food pies at each other.
    • Soda- Spraying soda is fun.
    • Mashed potatoes. Use instant potatoes. Instant potatoes are easy to make. Plus, a box of instant mashed potatoes makes a lot of potatoes.
    • Ketchup and mustard- I couldn't let the food fight happen without ketchup and mustard. The mustard stained the shirts (the only thing that did) and was hard to clean up (off of bath mats and the like). I might skip mustard if we ever do this again. 
  • If you have stained shirts, you can bleach them and re-color them with color dye from a craft store. That is what we did and it worked perfectly for pink shirts to wear to local cancer benefit race on Mother's Day.
  • Take pictures and video. Get pictures printed for the kids involved. All of the boys had a blast but seeing their faces when they looked in the mirror afterwards was priceless. Provide the kids with pictures so they can remember how much fun they had and prove it to their families and friends.
After the kids were cleaned up, we had my son's real birthday cake and a night of playing video games and wrestling ensued. More than once, I heard one of the boys say, "That was epic!" 

I am linking up with We Are That Family's Works-For-Me-Wednesday. The food fight was a blast. I thought it would be good to share what worked well. Email if you have any questions.


Alea said...

I love your tips fora successful food fight!

Foursons said... You are OFFICIALLY mom of the century!!! So very cool and your boys will talk about this FOREVER. I venture to guess they will recreate the party with their own kids if their wives will agree.

Anonymous said...

This is Stephanie your cousin in law and I have to say that you probably are the coolest mom ever. You have such awesome ideas and the kids and Seth are blessed to have you.
Love you guys!

samantha said...

Way to go!!

The Joys of Boys said...

lol! I love it! My boys would love it if we did this, as well as the neighbor kids. :) Great tips! Thanks for stopping by The Joys of Boys.

Simple Girl said...

What Fun! Thanks for your tip on the noodles! I wouldn't have thought through that sticky situation!

Mommytothreeboys said...

I found yours pinned when I was searching for extra ideas. My oldest son has been asking for a food fight for years, we never had the space, but this year we do. And we have chickens and a pig too to eat it up after the food fight.
I'm actually a little excited for this!
Thanks for sharing yours, I am going to do the cake!
but it will have to be vanilla just in case my pig gets a hold of some of the cake.
I am planning to set up stations though so different foods will be on different tables.