Sunday, January 22, 2012

One day she may marry

My mother's wedding dress was beautiful.
As a girl, I admired her wedding pictures. I imagined the day that I would marry. I imagined I would feel like a princess.

When I was ready to marry, I chose to find my own dress.

I love my dress...
and so does my daughter.

This is one of my favorite traditions. (You can click the collage to see it bigger.)

Now, if she get married and wants to pick out her own dress, I have already had the joy of seeing her in my dress.

These are moments I treasure.

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Honey said...

Oh my goodness...that one of her and Seth nose to nose is so sweet...that would be a great canvas...good FATHER's day gift!

Seth said...

I love this every year!

Foursons said...

That last shot is sooooo sweet! I love this tradition of yours. :)