Thursday, December 01, 2011

An Intentional Christmas

In an effort to have more holiday fun as a family and keep from getting lost in the hustle and bustle of the season, this year I am celebrating by doing Christmas activities each day until Christmas. We will do our usual traditions and possibly create some meaningful new ones.

I surprised the kids with this idea today when they came home from school. They love it. Each day they will be surprised with an activity. Some days the activity will be simple and other days it will be more involved. Some days it will just be me and the kids (because my husband is working long hours during the holiday season) and other days it will be something that the whole family will enjoy together.

I will post about the activities, as I can. I am sure that I won't take pictures every day but I will post a list of what we do each day.

Day One: Enjoy a holiday treat and read the Christmas story.

We had a Christmas tree rice krispie treat, homemade hot chocolate, and candy canes. We had the Christmas story in Luke and from a Bible story book. Today we read the story from the story book and talked about some of details from the Bible.

I love the how excited the kids were, the laughter we shared, and the great conversation we had about Jesus's birth.


Foursons said...

I have done this for years and my boys talk about it all year long. They couldn't wait until December 1st when they get to start opening the socks. (I hang 25 socks on my bannister and they each have either a small present or an activity that we will do that day.) Today they were so excited to receive camo koozies that cost $1.00 and tomorrow we will decorate the tree. It is already up with lights on it, but tomorrow I'll pull out the ornaments.

Enjoy your month, it has become such a blessing over the years for me. It does exactly what you said- it slows down time and allows the season to be more special and memorable. I love the month of December for that very reason.

I did blog about it one year and if you'd like the link so you can get ideas, I'd be happy to pass it on. We do a lot of scout stuff though because it is a great time to fit it in.

Seth said...

Sooooo jealous I wan't there for this! I look forward to the Candy Cane Sprinkles in the hot chocolate!