Sunday, November 28, 2010


Tonight on the way out of Kmart, a presumably homeless man asked if I could spare some change.

I had a ziploc bag of change in my purse.

I handed the bag to the man.

His face lit up like the lights on my tree- brilliant, shining, and full of life.

He thanked me. Then, he offered his name.

He wanted to be known. It caught me off-guard.

He thanked me again. I wished him good luck.

Change. I offered him change (and, of all things, luck) and he offered me his gratitude and his name.

. . .

This small exchange weighs on my mind tonight.
I gave change.
A homeless man named Travis Mills may have changed my perspective.

This season, I want to acknowledge and celebrate individuals. I want to give with a grateful heart.

I want to~
Change priorities.
Change activities.
Change perspective.
Change focus.

I want changed giving.

. . .
I'll let you know the strides I make in this quest of my heart.


Mimi said...

What a moving exchange! It gave me goosebumps.

Hugs & love,

everydayMOM said...


Seth said...

As always- you inspire me.

sharon said...

Wow. I'm so glad you had the bag of change in your purse! What a neat experience.