Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Thanks Tank #122

Each week I spend time thanking God for the wonderful things in my life. On Thursdays I make a list. This is my Thursday Thanks Tank.

Today, I am thankful for:

1. My husband encouraging my boys to be boys.

2. The opportunity for my son to participate in music at church.

3. My son's enjoyment of The Chronicles of Narnia.
He read the series in 2 weeks and then decided he wanted to read them all over again.

4. My daughter's mad face (makes me smile every time).

5. Snow Flurries (and my kids'excitement).

6. Moments when I set aside my To Do list and make time for more important activities with my kids (like a game of Checkers).

7. Boys, Water Guns, and Mud.
I won't even start to explain what they were doing. Just know, it was fun.

8. A fantastic first day of raffle ticket sales. Our elementary school PTO is holding a basket raffle. The baskets are showcased on our website. There are hundreds of dollars of products and gift certificates (click the basket name to see the list of gift cards and freebies). Today we had a great start to our raffle.

9. Iced Caramel Macchiatos. Yum. (Did you notice it in the above picture? Nothing like a latte to help with ticket sales!)

10. The wonderful person that found my daughter's security blanket (wherever she dropped it) and put it in the Lost and Found pile at school. (Seriously, can you believe the size of our "lost and found"?).

11. A wonderful friend of mine that watched my 4 kids (and her 4 kids) today while I was at the school selling raffle tickets. She's amazing (don't you agree?).

12. My daughter's new found obsession with her pink hat. She doesn't always get it on quite right but she is always cute.

Take time to be thankful today. It will be time well spent.


Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

I would love that mad face too...altho I am not sure I could be mad at that face..ever!!

I also love that Chronicles is soooo captivating!!! Awesome job on the reading little dude~

He & Me + 3 said...

I loved all the pictures this week. So sweet. Your son looks really into that book...awesome. Cute mad face and her hat is adorable. But you knew I would love the hat one.
Is that really a lego check board set? Cute.

samantha said...

Fun pictures! Doesn't that pile of clothes make you sick! It does me. Our school just sent home a letter that after our carnival (NEXT WEEK) whatever is left over will be going to the goodwill. Hopefully parents will take the time to look through it.

MiMi said...

What great pictures! I can't believe how big that book is that your boy is reading!! Sheesh! That's awesome.

Beth E. said...

The mad face cracks me up!

You children always make me smile. They are adorable...wish we lived closer, 'cause I would sure be hugging ALL of you! ;-)

Foursons said...

Sounds like a very wonderful friend!

I too love your daughter's mad face. And woohoo to the love of reading!