Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

What do you know about Memorial Day? The Iraq war is in the forefront of my mind constantly. I have a thankful heart that my husband made it home safely from Iraq. Many, many people have sufferred tremendous loss. Do you know of someone that has died in Iraq? What about family members that lost loved ones in previous wars? I was telling my 6 year old recently about the meaning of memorial day and he asked me, "How can we honor the people if they are already dead?" In some ways, that has become a sentiment amoung our country. We can honor our nation's fallen heroes by remembering. Maybe you have never participated in a Memorial Day ceremony. Perhaps, you feel quite removed from the meaning of the holiday but you simply cherish it as a day off with your family. Celebrate the day off from work! Let me challenge you to take a minute and learn a bit about the history of the day.

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