Monday, January 25, 2016

A warm cup of coffee

This morning, right before he left for work, I watched my husband pour his unfinished coffee into my cup of coffee.
He didn't know I saw him.
It was... icky.
I cringed and laughed internally.

It is wonderful, despite the fact that it irked me. He didn't even hesitate. He just did that.
So, it's sort of wonderful.
I think.
We've been married a long time. 20 years.
So, I think there's a beauty in that moment... somewhere.
What was he thinking? 'Don't waste warm coffee?' 'I'll warm up her cup?'
Was it an endearing gesture of love, even though he didn't think I saw him? Was it a be wise with a precious resource moment?

And, I wonder, Was this the first time? Does he do this and I don't know it?!

Ah, married life.
It is the most wonderful thing. Really, really.

He better not be using my toothbrush. I would have to draw the line right there.

1 comment:

Seth Owen said...

I've used your toothbrush. Often.