Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday Thanks Tank #207: FAAW

I am thankful that my son has not had a reaction to peanuts during elementary school.
I am thankful for the teachers that have worked with me over the years to provide safe options for my son when food was part of a school event.
I am thankful for my son's extremely careful attitude.
I am thankful for a new discovery of Barney's Almond Butter. It's peanut free!
I am also thankful for Blue Diamond Almonds. Also peanut free!
I am thankful for friends who listen to me rant about allergy frustrations.
I am thankful for modern medicine.
I am thankful for understanding from others.
I am thankful that my son knows other students with food allergies.
I am thankful that my husband and I agree on how to manage my son's allergy (including any risks we take).
I am thankful for the companies that take food allergy labeling seriously.
I am thankful our healthy attitude about my son's severe peanut allergy.
I am thankful for FAAN (Food Allergy and Awareness Network) and FARE (Food Allergy and Research Education).
I am thankful for Twitter and being able to do searches on "#foodallergy" or "#peanutallergy"  That took has been invaluable.
I am thankful for FAAW (Food Allergy Awareness Week) and the focus if gives me for the week.
I am thankful that my son has been kept safe.

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