Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Thanks Tank #171

Hello Kitty. Pink and purple in a sea of legos and green and blue.
She is my soft hug in the middle of a wrestling match.
Giggles, skirts that twirl, fingernail polish, and pony tails.
I am thankful for her hand in mine, hearing her say she loves me, her tears and her laughter.
Full of sweetness and attitude- she is my girl. I am thankful for her. Today is her birthday and she's excited to be four.

I visited one crowded cafeteria this afternoon. It was all noise and mess. Today was bring your parent to lunch day. I am thankful that my 5th grader decided to let me come to lunch with him. He initially told me about it with enthusiasm, then told me he didn't want me to come and finally reneged and said I could come for lunch- but not recess! He had a lot to say during lunch. It was valuable time.
My talkative son, my 2nd grader, was quiet and reserved. What a switch! He said he was just eating. It was good to sit with him at the peanut free table. I am thankful for the peanut-free table and the lunchroom staff that keeps the table safe for my son.
My 1st grader was clingy and very loving. He held my hand, leaned on me, and couldn't stop smiling. I walked him back to class. I am thankful for those special moments.

Laughter, smiles, hugs and kisses. My kids are being spoiled. It can only mean one thing. My parents are in town. I am so very thankful that they traveled to see us. I am thankful for the way they love us and for the fun we have when we are together. I am thankful for my parents.

Long hours, exhaustion and dedication. It's crunch time at my husband's work- otherwise know as, "Peak" season. I am thankful for how hard he works to provide for us. I am also thankful for how he arrives home with a smile on his face and open arms for hugs. Today he left the house at 6 a.m. and returned home at 7:30 p.m. He had just enough energy to make the birthday girl laugh before she went to bed.

These are a few of the things that are filling up my Thanks Tank today.
Now, I am off to get some sleep. We are celebrating my 4 year old's birthday tomorrow and I need to get some rest. She definitely has more energy than me.


Pam said...

Such a beautiful post. Love the picture of Elisabeth and Seth . . . are those Hello Kitty cut outs in the background I see?

Have a fabulous time celebrating your sweet girl and a wonderful visit w/your folks! I can see where you get your beauty, JA, your mom is lovely!

Foursons said...

Happy 4th Birthday to that sweet girl! I love her spunk.

My 1st grader still asks for me to come have lunch with him, I don't think my 4th grader is keen on the idea though.