Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pregnancy Details

I was so happy to get the comments on my last post. (I am almost silly about it-- checking for comments quite often!) We are very excited about this pregnancy. Here are some details... I am due on November 16. That is based on my own calculation. I called last week for a doctor appt and the first one they could give me was 3 weeks away! (You gotta love the speedy military health care system!) So, I am really looking forward to my 1st appt on May 1st. I will also be done with my 1st trimester at that point. We are very excited about baby #4. In case you are wondering, we aren't trying for a girl. We just want to have 4 children. It is VERY easy to imagine a 4th boy in our Owen house! If we had a girl... well, I would have fun buying pink, that's for sure!!
I guess that's all the details I have for now.
Oh, one more thing, we have no idea where we will be living when this little one comes along! Seth is due to be out of the Army by mid July. It is certainly going to be one exciting year!!


Karen Fultz said...

Oh my goodness, congratulations!!!! You are superwoman! Brian and I are so excited for you guys. I am due with this little boy in a month. Not much longer. This blog thing is pretty cool. You are so cyber-savy! Give yourself, Seth and the boys a big squeeze from us!
Karen Fultz

Anonymous said...

Wow! We are so happy for you guys! I'm just going to pray over and over again that you will have energy!Ha! Keep us posted on your progress! Come see us sometime!

Carmom said...

Have you told the boys yet? I'm sure you have but how have their reactions been to haveing a new sibling?