Friday, January 05, 2007

Holidays Highlights

The holidays are over and we are on to a new year. I cannot hardly believe it is 2007. The last 3 months of 2006 sure went a lot faster than the rest of the year!! Our holidays were wonderful. It was a joy to be together as a family. We soaked in every moment of family time. Last Christmas wasn't far from my mind and it made everything even sweeter. Christmas 2005 wasn't bad but it wasn't complete. With Seth home from Iraq, our family traditions were whole again. I could go on and on but I would just get cheesier and cheesier. Some highlights of the season: *) A week or so before Christmas, we went up to a mountain and played in the snow. *) We made our Gingerbread House on Christmas Eve and then ate it off an on Christmas day *) Seth and I fondued on Christmas Eve after the kids were in bed. *) The boys decided a few days before Christmas that Jesus was having a "paper airplane birthday" and they made piles of paper airplanes to fly on Christmas *)Throughout the days leading up to Christmas, Thomas was constantly sneaking a small present taking it off to a corner and trying to open it. (I had to really watch him! It as adorable) *)Christmas day the boys were so excited about all of the new stuff that they shared everything without fighting (it only lasted that day but it was really, really nice) *) I had someone over the age of 5 to kiss on New Year's Eve

These are just a few holiday highlights. I am out of time for the moment.
Here's a picture of the family on New Year's Day (The morning after staying up until midnight - all of us except Thomas.)


Kimberly said...

You guys have an awesome photographer!!!! :)

Jane Anne said...

The photographer MUST have experience...not much need to crop that one (though my excellent photographer is also an excellent Creative memories consultant...nice plug, huh?)!
Kim, we had a great time celebrating with you and your family.