Saturday, August 19, 2006

Conversation Piece #14

Conversation Piece #14:
Suppose we still lived in an age where kings and queens ruled the land. If you were crowned absolute monarch, what is the very first rule or law you would impose on your kingdom?

I had fun thinking about this question. Should I be serious and mandate something quite healthy or should I just have fun with it and do something that would be quite selfish for an absolute monarch? I decided it should be serious and selfish.
Imagine- I am the absolute monarch for our land in modern times. (Now, Washingtonian friends -this will seem totally absurd to you...but it will be easy enough to follow.)

The Rule: The third Friday in October is “Crimson Day.” Everyone that wears Crimson and says the Vols suck (or stink, depending on how polite you are), gets free gasoline.


Kimberly said...

Who are the Vols?
Well, I'm not sure who or what they are but I'd gladly say they suck for free gasoline. Just think how many cups of coffee we could share with the money we saved on filling up just one tank of gas!

Seth said...

And I would designate the third Saturday in October as "Big Orange Day". Anyone caught wearing Crimson on that day would be pumelled with oranges. Anyone wearing orange and saying, "Bama sucks" would get a pay raise and a free mullet haircut.

Jane Anne said...

I respect game day and I will not interfere with the fans on that day. On the 3rd Saturday in October- may the best team win- everyone is free to cheer for anyone they want.

Kim: VOLS are out of control University of Tennessee fans (that, as Seth referred to, often have mullets)
(And, I am proud of myself for being so polite in my description. The reason for VOLS name? See

Carrie said...

Well, after reading your and Seth's bog sites today, it is obvious football fever is in the air.
Go Hokies! (Virginia Tech)