Thursday, June 22, 2006

Conversation Piece #10

#10 Of all the great success stories that you have heard or read about, which one do you find the most inspiring?

So much of this question depends on how you define success. After giving it some thought today, I decided that the most inspiring stories to me are personal ones. Reading about a story is one thing but when it is personal to you, it stays with you longer. I thought of 2 people.
1) My father-in-law, Steve, lost a leg in a motorcycle accident when he was in his 20’s. He has a prosthesis and he walks with a slight limp. I have never heard him complain. He is inspiring to me because of the way he has handled his disability. It isn’t something that controls him. Certainly, he doesn’t let it define him. Once before I was married a friend suggested to (my future husband) Seth that he buy his dad some shorts. The friend thought he was joking when he said his dad only had one leg. The friend knew Seth’s dad. It was quite a moment when the friend realized Seth was serious. His success is with how he handles his disability. He is himself in spite of his disability—he is not who he is because of it. That is inspiring.
2) My Dad, Charles, had a massive stroke 3 years ago. What he has gone through and what he struggles with can only be described as intense. He is inspiring to me because of his love and his desire for the best. He has not given up in the face of adversity, criticism or failure. He is pressing on. He spends time loving his family. He spends time loving his Creator. His success is that he is not bitter about life. He inspires me because of his continued faith. He does struggle but his struggles inspire me because he does not give up.

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Seth said...

Since my dad lost the leg before I could walk, I never really knew him any differently. But you are right, never once have I heard him complain about it. There were times when he would lose or gain weight and his prosthesis did not fit right. That was about as close as he has come to complaining.