Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WFMW: Star Wars Lego Party

My 3rd son's birthday was this past Saturday. We decorate for birthdays while the kids are asleep so they wake up to a party.

This year, my son requested a Star Wars Lego theme. He said, "I want Star Wars Lego decorations but if you can't do Star Wars Lego, then just Star Wars."

So naturally, I had to figure out a way to use both legos and star wars in the decorations.


A new shirt~
I decided to try my hand at freezer paper stenciling.
My son loves Boba Fett.  I found a Boba Fett image online, printed it and then made a stencil on freezer paper. I ironed it on the shirt, painted the shirt with fabric paint, and let it dry overnight. In the morning I painted over the white paint with glow-in-the-dark paint.
My son loved it.
Here's my son with his new shirt (and new helmet) on.
Not the best picture (because it's hard to hold your hand still apparently)... my son loved that his shirt glowed:

Star Wars Snowflakes~
The temperatures have been warm here but I couldn't resist making star wars snowflakes for decorations. I got the idea and templates here: Star Wars Snowflakes
Check out my son's face when he realized the snowflakes were Star Wars snowflakes.

A few of the snowflakes:
Boba Fett Lego Center Piece~ My 10 year old created a Boba Fett Lego Center Piece for the table.
Fun Pictures~ I set up a Star Wars photo booth. My kids thought it was great.
It was a big hit with the kids at my son's party.
I got the photo booth idea from Pure Joy Events: Lego Star Wars Birthday Party. I downloaded a star wars font and a lego font for the sign. The free Lego printables were found here: Delia Creates.

The Death Star~ My husband made a watermelon into the Death Star. My son was impressed.

Yoda Soda~ We finished our birthday celebration with "Yoda Soda" in R2D2 cups. Our Yoda Soda was Lime Sherbet with Sprite poured on top. (By the way, when stirred, these turn into lime slushies. Float or slushy, Yoda Soda is delightful.) I got the R2D2 cup idea here: Catch My Party. I didn't have time to order cups with lids and straws. The kids thought the ones I made were fantastic (my cups were bought at Party City).
It didn't take long for the kids to grab the photo booth props.
We had so much fun celebrating. I suppose you could say it was out of this world!


sharon said...

Unbelievably cool!! When do you start planning for their birthdays - January?

Foursons said...

Wow, I am impressed with everything! Especially your snowflakes and your husband's watermelon. Y'all outdid yourselves!

Happy Birthday to that sweet boy!

Christine {Pure Joy} said...

You did such an amazing job with this party. The look on your son's face was priceless!

Liz @ The HomeStyle said...

These are awesome ideas! I especially love the watermelon Death Star. :) My son is going to go nuts when I show him these pictures.

@SunwiseFoods said...

Absolutely awesome! We are still star wars junkies...hope the planning was just as fun as the party! Happy Mother's Day!

Kimberly said...

As always - YOU AMAZE ME!!!! I just LOVE how much you enjoy celebrating each of your children's special day!!!