Monday, March 15, 2010

Monster Cookies (without the scary peanut butter)

My oldest son went to play at a friend's house last week. When I went to pick him up, the friend's mom handed me a cookie recipe. She said that my son asked for the recipe and told her that I could substitute sunbutter for peanut butter.

I guess he liked the cookies.

He's never asked for a recipe before.

I gathered the ingredients (with a couple substitutions) and tried out the recipe.

They are quite good.

Monster Cookies

1 cup sugar
1 1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup butter (or margarine) softened
1 1/3 cup peanut butter (I used sunbutter)
3 eggs
3/4 tsp Karo syrup
3/4 tsp vanilla
2 tsp baking soda
4 1/2 cup oatmeal
2/3 cup chocolate chips
1 cup M&Ms (I used cadbury chocolates)

Mix ingredients. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes. Let cool for a minute and then remove to a cooling rack. Makes approximately 50 cookies.

Some recipes notes and pictures:

My second son has a peanut allergy. I used sunbutter and cadbury chocolates instead of peanut butter and M&Ms.

It took a couple of tries to get the cadbury eggs broken up but not crushed. The cookies might have been more colorful with M&Ms but the cadbury chocolates were a delicious substitute.

The cookies before they were baked.

The cookies before they were eaten. (No, we didn't eat them all... yet.)

I'm finishing this post quite late, as I wait for the cookies to finish baking. I am thinking about letting the kids try a cookie after breakfast (no, say it isn't so). If you read this first thing, check back to see how they like them.

Update: Well, the best moment was the smile I got from my 8 year old when I handed him the cookie. Soon after that, I was disappointed. He didn't like them. Apparently oatmeal cookies taste better to him fresh out of the oven. None of my boys like oatmeal cookies. I can't believe it. So, now either my husband (who loves them) or I will eat way too many cookies or I will give some away to local friends. I imagine I will do both.

2nd Update: I can't imagine why anyone is reading this again but if you are- here's the after school results. My 3rd son has decided he likes them. My 2nd son (the one with the peanut allergy) says, "they are okay". My oldest son decided he likes them- a lot- but he does not like cadbury chocolates. (I'm stunned. How can you not like cadbury chocolates?) Oh ya, and my daughter never had any issues with them. She didn't get to try one until after lunch and she wanted more than one.

If you like oatmeal cookies, you should try this recipe. It really is good.

Check out other wonderful recipes at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam.


rene said...

These cookies look awesome! I'll have to try then out, I'm sure the family would love them!
Found you from Tasty Tuesday!

Unknown said...

Those definitely do look good and sound very worth a try! Can't wait to hear if they like them!

Foursons said...

They sound and look yummy! I think it's hilarious that your son asked the other mom for the recipe. Too cute!

Jessica said...

Yum! C-eggs are my favorite! I can down a bag in one day....yum!

Macey said...

My mom makes monster cookies that are GINORMOUS!!! So good.

Denise said...

I love oatmeal in my cookies too but my 9 yr old dd doesn't. I swear it's anything that might be the slightest bit healthy for her she avoids!

Beth E. said...

Oh,'s so disappointing when the family doesn't like a recipe, especially after you've tried so hard to fix something you're hoping they'll like!

My boys were so picky when they were little. I used to send a lot of stuff with hubby to his office. Those people will eat anything! lol

Alison @ Hospitality Haven said...

OH YUM! They look fabulous!

Smockity Frocks said...

Mmmmm... Those look great!

everydayMOM said...

ahhhhh, monster cookies! one of the things i miss most with a peanut allergy in the family... never thought of the cadbury egg substitution. I didn't even know they were peanut free!

Jami@ An Oregon Cottage said...

Hi- visiting from T.Tuesday! I discovered Monster Cookies in High School (loooong ago...) and we made them all the time. Everyone I knew liked them! But we never put M&Ms in them, just more chocolate chips. We also sometimes used PB chips, but that was before we knew about all the yucky stuff in them, so I just stick with c.chips now. You can mix it up and use a dark and milk chocolate. I always loved that they didn't have flour (and you don't need the corn syrup- I don't buy it anymore and I've never noticed a difference).

He & Me + 3 said...

i love oatmeal cookies. They sound so yummy

June Pfaff Daley said...

I never met a cookie I didn't like. And I love the updates!

aerotatt said...

They were great. Thanks.

McCrakensx4 said...

They sound so very yummy...we love oatmeal cookies and I usually put choc chips in mine..thanks for the recipe...might have to give it a try!